dog tossed over fence

Surveillance captures dog being thrown over shelter fence

Surveillance cameras at a shelter in Alabama captured video of a dog being thrown over a fence. The disturbing incident took place on the night of September 28 at the Second Chance Shelter in Boaz. On October 1, the shelter reached out to Facebook followers for help in identifying whoever is responsible for throwing the small dog over the tall fencing.

Second Chance Shelter wrote, “We could really use your help, if anyone knows the name of the lady that dropped her. It was Wednesday night, I left at 6:42 and the dog was dropped at 6:49 p.m. We are trying to decide what course of action to take.”

The dog was dropped over a 6-foot fence into an area where other dogs were roaming free – thankfully, the dog was not injured in the fall, or attacked by the dogs who were on the shelter property.

Anyone with information about this situation is asked to call 256-561-2411.

According to WHNT News, the abandoned dog, dubbed “Desi,” is two years of age. The shelter staff encourages anyone who wants to surrender a pet to do so during business hours – it is not safe to throw an unwanted animal over the shelter fence.

Find the Pet Rescue Report on Facebook here.


  1. Barkley's Mom
    Barkley's Mom says:

    You want to get rid of your dog, do it the right way, walk in the front door with your worthless excuse for dumping your dog and face the music. These are despicable people, may karma get them in the end!

  2. Devi
    Devi says:

    Unbelievable ….. that poor little dog must be so afraid and sad. Is this what is happening in America? USA…. seeing so much of this and worse coming out of that country

    NANCI LITTLE says:

    No words. The pack that did NOT kill the newcomer must be really good dogs but the woman that did this needs to be behind bars for abandonment! Why were there dogs LOOSE on the property? The way they drove in and out the loose dogs were in danger also! I ran a rescue for 35 years, and never left home with dogs running loose, and unless they were very bonded, never left a group running together with no supervision! Arguments spring up and a fight can end up with all of the dogs turning on one unlucky dog: tragedy in minutes!


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