Surveillance camera catches man abandon puppy on side of road

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In Harris County, Texas, a woman’s surveillance camera filmed a man getting out of his minivan, remove a puppy from the vehicle and leave it on the side of the road as he then quickly drove away, reports Click2HoustonNews. Puppy abandoned on side of street

Susana Salazar had spotted the vehicle outside of her home located on Trail Valley. She wasn’t quite sure why the man had stopped, but she had an uneasy feeling. And then when she checked her home video camera, her heart broke into a thousand tiny pieces. There she was – an eight-week-old Great Dane mix puppy running up and down the street not knowing where to go or what happened to her home. That’s when Susana scooped up the pooch to make sure she was safe.

“I noticed the individual getting out of his vehicle, putting the dog out and leaving it. I noticed the puppy was just looking around, looking for him and walking across the street. She was just full of life, very happy and had a blast playing with my dogs inside,” stated Susana. Puppy abandoned on side of street 2

As so often happens, a “village” came out to help Susana and the adorable little pup. Veterans Memorial Animal Hospital cared for the puppy at no charge, and Lola’s Luck Day rescue has come to her aid. Next week, Lola heads off to Wisconsin with a group of other lucky pooches getting ready to be adopted.

The man could have taken the puppy to a shelter – what a tragedy it could have been if Susana hadn’t been there at the right time and the right place. Whoever you are – abandoning a dog is animal cruelty, and there is no excuse for your behavior.

(Photos screenshot of video, Lola’s Lucky Dog)



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  1. How could anyone not want this pretty puppy I love its big ears. Thank goodness it was spotted and saved in time before it got run over.

  2. What a gorgeous little puppy! How could that filthy POS abandon that sweet little one like that? It boggles that mind that anyone would simply abandon a pet instead of taking him or her to a shelter or rescue. So glad Ms. Salazar was there, at the right place and time, to save this little sweetheart.

  3. I’m sure this baby is in much better hands than the one who saw fit to leave her alone beside the street. Bless Susana for saving her life. There are still Angels among us.

  4. make the person bigtime for what they did to a 4leggged kid wearing fur.the dog is a family meber and you dump the little kid on the side of the road to get hurt or killed.charge for what it would be if it was a little kid .because animals are 4 legged kids wearing fur.

  5. Nice job and helping up for a gorgeous little puppy as for the piece of s*** in the van I have a home for you the enjoy it’s called the bottom of the ocean with sharks eating your ass piece by piece or better I just throw you into a snake pit of rattlesnakes let’s give you your final new home 300 miles until Wilderness in Alaska with no clothes no food no water does he live there

  6. Thanks to a very Caring and compassionate lady, Suszana Salzar this LILLTE GIRL is alive and ready to go on a new venture and hopefully find a loving family AS IT SHOULD BE!!!! MAY SHE BE BLESSED WITH A HAPPY LIFE!!!


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