Starving and frightened puppy tossed away on side of highway like trash

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Little is known about this tiny munchkin of a frightened puppy, but early Tuesday afternoon, rescue group Carpathia Paws  located in Hinesville, Georgia, stepped up to help. On the organization’s Facebook page, it wasn’t hard to pick up the heartbreaking tone of the situation:

“It just never ends … This little munchkin was picked up on the side of a highway ..all alone and starving ….. He was then surrendered to us to get him the necessary vet care … How could anybody ?”

To help with this puppy’s recovery, please click here. The puppy’s story is unknown, and opinions range from his injuries as if he had been tossed out of a vehicle to one of neglect with the puppy showing signs of mange, fleas and ringworm. His pictures are worth a thousand words:

Carpathia Paws puppy 8 cover 3

Who abandons a little puppy like this?

Carpathia Paws puppy 7 cover 2

And then walks away as if his life is meaningless?

Carpathia Paws puppy 5

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  1. Breaks my heart into, our world of evil selfish, heartless sub-humans. You can see the pure innocence in this little puppies eyes! I would like to knock the shit out of whoever the heartless, irresponsible pos who has no regard for God’s creation. May God punish them ten fold!


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