Starved dog found in cage

Starved dog abandoned in cage in Austin

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The discovery of a starved dog, abandoned in a cage in Austin, Texas, has prompted an animal cruelty investigation by the Austin Police Department. According to Wednesday’s Fox 7 Austin News, police officers were called out to the 600 block W. Croslin St. on Wednesday…the caller stated that a dead dog was in a cage.

Officers arrived and discovered that the skeletal dog was still alive – apparently abandoned and left for dead. Now, the authorities are hoping to find out who is responsible for the dog’s pitiful condition, and for abandoning her.

Starved dog abandoned

The dog, described as a one-year-old boxer, or Boston terrier mix, was wearing a brown collar with rhinestone studs – she is currently receiving veterinary care and though critical, she is recovering.

Anyone with tips about this starved dog is asked to call the Animal Cruelty Tip Line at 512-978-0523.

(Photos Austin Police Department)

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  1. pennysdachshund says:

    DAMIT TEXAS YOU don’t even DESERVE the ONE STAR YOU have ON YOUR STATE FLAG!!!! YOU are surpassing Florida and EVEN California for NEGLECT < ABUSE < MURDER< MAIMING <STARVING < :YOUR ANIMALS AND IT IS BEYOND BARBARIC!!!! NO wonder We see so many TEXAS Plates in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado , The Dakotas!!! The descent individuals are leaving the NO STAR STATE!!!!

    • Mary says:

      It isn’t the fault of a whole state. Are we not the United States? Let’s unite and hold accountable the evil that is at the heart of animal abuse. Sadly this happens in every state. You attacked the wrong entity.

      • pennysdachshund says:

        No I STAND TALL for What I say::: Do a little Research on the So called Proud State of Texas and abuse…. the Kill ratio at the Shelters:::: you will change your tune!!! I have talked to Texans that have moved up North and even they say it!!! Why the hell do you think they are leaving…. it is horrific down southern and close to the Mexican Border!!! Three guesses why!!! Look at the Machete Killer last week and what did the Mexican Bastard to Ran back into Mexico!!

      • Diana Rowell says:

        Mary, as much as I can appreciate you for taking a stand for your state and the minority of folks who DO CARE about any animal’s well-being, I too know of many people who have been driven to the point of being furious with certain counties in Texas who have lazy, inept sheriff deputies and A/C officers. I personally know 3 people who called animal control, then the sheriff, when A/C did NOTHING. These sub-human officers either agreed to check it out and NEVER showed and 2 instances where they laughed at my friends, both calls were recorded btw, and hung up on them. When this happens over and over and over again, one has to take the unfortunate position that MOST do not care. If they did, they would gather together and call out these officers for dereliction of duty and make their voices heard the next time a sheriff came up for re-election, as well as filing complaint after complaint against A/C facilities until this is corrected. Perhaps you can be the one who makes it known that Texans MUST stand together to change this, because those of us in other states cannot do it for you. I pray you see the relevance in this and do unite. As I said, all of us in this great country would support your efforts, but we are limited at state lines in joining you.

  2. gribouille22 says:

    C’est horrible de voir ses chiens comme ça maltraités c’est honteux il faut punir ses gens qui font sa au chien ou autres animaux

  3. Patricia Green says:

    I am so sick and tired of these POS that have animals and to starve and abuse them what the hell did u get them for if u can’t take care of them… I am sure they can’t take care of themselves so do us all a favor and kill yourself!!!

  4. Darla says:

    I’m glad this sweet pup is still alive and I hope she can make a full recovery. I’m not surprised that people thought she was dead in the cage – the picture appears to show a deceased animal. WTH is wrong with people to let a dog get in this condition? Scumbags.

  5. Debi Bel says:

    I object to the comment that Texas is becoming as bad as California for abuse. As a resident of NorCal I stand tall to work with many many others to make life better for all animals, in state and out of state. Instead of making broad sweeping negative comments about the country’s largest states (population wise) why not ask what can be done to change the horrific cases posted on this site?

  6. Gisele mikala says:

    It’s not a state problem, we see these kind of abuse every where. We NEED PENALTIES for abusers and carry those penalties out.

    • Diana Rowell says:

      Gisele mikala, it is incumbent on the citizens of EACH state to take a proactive stand. While big organizations push for federal legislation, we are still limited by our state lines in what we can do. This means that each state MUST improve their penalties and hold judges accountable when they let these abusers off with a slap on the wrist and a small fine. A big part of the problem is the spineless judges who have the power to punish to the fullest extent of the law and do NOT do their job. Each community has the power to vote these lame judges OUT, but most do not realize how much power they hold. REMEMBER and SPREAD this: Sheriff deputies, A/C officers and judges WORK FOR THE TAXPAYERS, yet so many of them operate as if we work for them or that we should feel honored that they work there. Take these arrogant, lazy jerks and send them to the unemployment lines, this will send a HUGE message and serve to correct a lot of this corruption.


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