Son loses it when dad surprises him with puppy – Video

Boy loses it over new puppy
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A dad in Puyallup, Washington, hit the ball out of the park when he surprised his son with an adorable puppy. The moment that the boy walks into the room and realizes that the cute puppy on the couch is for him is captured on video (YouTube and the Daily Mail) and it perfectly shows the boy “lose it” (in a darling manner) as he is overwhelmed with excitement and joy.

The boy first runs from the room – in tears (happy tears of course!) while the puppy watches his new friend from his perch on the couch.

After a moment, the boy, still clearly overwhelmed with happiness, returns to the room to snuggle his new puppy – Dad informs him that his buddy’s name is “Kato.”

Perhaps the best part of the short video is the boy’s heartfelt “thank you so much Dad,” along with a hug, at the very end….happy life Kato!

(Video YouTube/Daily Mail)

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