Social media photos of 2 dogs tied up and dragged to their deaths launch investigation

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Several disturbing photos of two dogs tied up with rope, dragged to their deaths and abandoned on a remote dirt road in the Lucerne Valley of California which appeared on social media within the last two days have launched an animal cruelty investigation, reports the

According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson, the Rural Crimes Task Force is investigating the incident as an animal cruelty case. On August 3, Freddie Dodd posted several photos of the two dead dogs on Facebook with the following explanation:

“I found these two dogs last night on the corner of Rabbit Springs and Camp Rock in Lucerne Valley CA. They showed as if they had been drug up and down the street multiple times and eventually killed. I know this is not the kind of thing to post on Facebook, but I was told to do so otherwise. I want everybody and anybody to share this and show how horrible and cruel some humans can be. Share this in hopes that we find out who did this to these two beautiful creatures.”

A week before the bodies of the dogs were discovered, the owner of the two pit bull mixes had reported his dogs missing in the same area. The owner expressed his frustration that the Sheriff’s Department showed little concern over his missing pets and refused to file a report. According to an initial report from NewsVvng, the dogs named Diamond and Sophia, had been accidentally poisoned by a neighbor who had allegedly confessed what he had done.

And when the dogs badly mangled and tortured bodies were discovered, Mariah Figuieredo, the daughter of the owner of the dogs, stated the family was completely devastated just having to imagine what torture Diamond and Sophia had to have suffered. Diamond, the blue and white pup had a rope tied around her ankle and Sophia had a chain around the middle of her body and neck.

Mariah said the dogs were friendly and gentle and can only hope the person(s) responsible for such a heinous deed is caught and punished. Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to call the Victor Valley Sheriff Station at 760-552-6800. Lucerne Dog deaths alive

Rest in peace Diamond and Sophia. (Photos via Freddie Dodd’s Facebook)

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  1. The Horrific Treatment just continues to worsen as the days and weeks go on!!!! How the Hell is a dog “ACCIDENTLY” poisoned!!!! Either you poison them or you don’t !!! What were these two DOGS left to run at large with no supervision by their owners leading to this Horrific Needless death…. Why wouldn’t the Sheriff ‘s office look into the matter!!! There are too many unanswered questions here!!!

  2. Seems to me like one of the neighbors has a lot to answer for. That neighbor needs to be tied to the back of a truck and dragged down the interstate at a very high rate of speed for at least 100 miles……………………………

  3. I hope they find who did this to these two dogs, I can’t imagine the horror finding your pets like this, Whoever did this may they rot in Hell, there is no punishment that will ever make up for what you have done!

  4. So, the neighbor “accidentally” poisoned the dogs. Does that mean they were dead when they were dragged? And, if so, why do that? And, if they weren’t dead from the poison, then someone killed them in one of the most horrible means imaginable. I think we need some clarification, and the neighbor needs to be questioned more thoroughly. Something doesn’t smell right to me. Whatever, RIP, sweet pups. You definitely didn’t deserve this. Praying the monster(s) who did this are caught and punished to the full extent of the law.

  5. Dear scumbag lucky for you I live 3000 miles away remember how karma is and for the idiot neighbor t hat accidentally poisoned the dogs need to be . punished and go to jail

  6. And NOW the Sheriff’s Office is going to investigate??? Where was that office when the dogs were stolen the week before? Another reason why dog owners should at all times be vigilant of their dogs’ whereabouts – not enough people care about animal cruelty, including the authorities. No animal deserves that kind of torture and/or death. Nonetheless, monsters are out there just waiting to inflict it on any animal they can find. May they rot in hell.

  7. Too many questions raised and left unanswered. The Sheriff’s dept should be reprimanded, and maybe even charges made. The owner’s…….what….their neighbor confessed to poisoning them???? then found tied and dragged to their death and looking for who did it??????????????? Lot’s of holes in this story. Bottom line….I hope they catch and throw the book at whomever did this. If a person can do this to an animal, they would do it to a human being and need to be locked up and the keys thrown away.

  8. What do we need to sign to get this to the top who do we call. Get prints or dna on chain can’t wait for them to be identified

  9. Here is the place for a psychic! And some one who can read people’s physiology. The body does not lie,if you know how to read it. People lie out of there mouths!! … lie detector tests could work!!… I would charge the owners REGARDLESS!!!!!!!…… and look into there life stile! maybe there into satanic ritual abuse???? THE 1ST AMENDMENT IS FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND RELIGION AND EXPRESSION, PEPLE THAT DO THINGS LIKE THAT;…. I THINK COULD OF BEEN RAISED IN SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE. AND THOSE ARE THERE PROGRAMS THAT WHERE INSTALLED!! LIKE A HARD DRIVE IN YOUR COMPUTER. Who ever did it ??? Is probably laughing right now!!! The mentality of EVIL!! WHAT OTHER KIND OF MONSTER WOULD DO THAT? I STUDIED NLP AND HYPNOSIS. I read people too well some times!!….I HAVE A BOOK (Stopping the circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse) It is good to inform yourself of what we live around.

  10. Those poor babies what a horrible death they must of suffered. Please find the bastards who did this most terrible cruelty.

  11. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again………The crime should determine the punishment. If people knew that they would get the same treatment that they dish out it would be the best crime prevention legislature that has ever existed. I know in my heart that I would end up changing my mind about this, because I hate anyone or anything hurting. But, when I read something like this I just see red!!!!!!

  12. I have been reading about puppies & dog’s for 10 hrs some have survived terrible tortures,dragging behind vehicles,beaten by owners & so on! I’ve been crying all night! How humans can do such terrible things to their defenseless fur babies! This has gotta stop now! PPL need to pay for their actions! This last one with both puppies dragged behind a vehicle & then the next door neighbor confessing that he accidentally poisoned both puppies! How can you accidentally poison both puppies,you don’t accidentally poison them this was done on purpose! The facts about this needs to be either dragged behind a vehicle for both puppies or were they poisoned & not accidentally either this isn’t acceptable at all! The cop didn’t do anything when the owner of both puppies reported them missing! I guess that cop sat behind his desk eating doughnuts! This needs to be investigated more & find out exactly what happened to these poor pup’s! A crime has been done & charges laid to whomever did this! I just hope the ass or asses are found ASAP & the charges need to be more serious! Not just a slap on the hand & let off! RIP little Angels you are now at peace & the humans who did this have been found & punishable by the same way as they did!

  13. Yes it’s a sick world we live in and these evil people spawn their evil….hope the bastards who did this have already met their fate in a fiery one car accident..I wouldn’t want innocent people hurt…just sick…what kind of person gets their rocks off doing cruel heartless acts against a defenseless animal….one that should be dead.

  14. What kind of human does this to dogs!? This is not normal and I don’t care what the mental capacity is of the suspect, nor if they were raised from a single mom, or bullied as a child. You can’t beat up your own human size yet you can to a defenseless dog? Geez, please commit suicide because we don’t want to share life with you! You are a worthless, useless, dangerous human. Get off the planet!

  15. Why would the neighbor poison them The piece of shit
    I bet he did that to them Bastards. Rest in peace sweethearts
    This world is so Evil

  16. If you know who the monster is who owned these dogs, or who stole these dogs and tortured them to death……..REPORT THEM or you are as sick, horrible and monstrous as they are!


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