Skeletal young dog found abandoned in trailer with no food or water

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On the evening following the heartbreaking story of Caleb, a tortured puppy fighting for his life in Atlanta, Georgia, comes the plight of SweetPea; another innocent victim of neglect and abuse – and once again saved by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Sweet pea from Alabama

When SweetPea’s former owner moved out of their trailer, no one thought twice about the welfare of their one-year-old dog. She was left to starve and suffer in a rural area of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Fortunately someone found her, and volunteers reached out to the rescue organization’s co-founder Stacey Silverstein for emergency help.

“Volunteers found her in this condition and immediately transported her away to safety and reached out to us to see if we could help SweetPea,” stated Stacey. “Sadly SweetPea has endured horrific long term suffering at only a year old. She is a skeleton; she is limping and appears to be in pain. We had her rushed to a vet where X-rays were completed which show no broken bones. We do not know at this point why SweetPea cannot walk properly.”

In a few days, SweetPea will be transferred to New York City where she will receive the specialized treatment she needs. She is barely out of her puppy stage and has endured great pain. Her brief video can be viewed here:

Donations are needed. [email protected] is paypal or click here.  Checks can be mailed to RDRNYC, PO Box 101, NY,NY 10028.

(Photos and video courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC) No part of this article can be copied or rewritten without the express permission of the author.)

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  1. Caleb’s case as well as Sweetpea’s in my opinion this is malicious intent to harm ! I so so wish Karma upon you jerk off MTFKR’S!! If I had my way bullet’s are cheap and it only takes one!
    Need you to fight little Sweet pea stay strong, I see your will to live little one.?

  2. hope you find him a good new home and find who left him there alone.make them pay bigtime for the care of the dog until the dog is in a good home.

  3. Are we living in a society of monsters? This keeps happening and again Rescue Dogs Rock NYC steps to the plate and helps. I am glad this dog is safe but people have got to start being punished for doing this sort of thing!


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