Shot by cop dying dog’s last moments with owner goes viral

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In Aurora, Colorado, a dying dog’s last moments with his owner have gone viral. According to CbsDenver, authorities contend police shot the dog because it had acted “aggressively.”

The tragic scene played out on Wednesday when Aurora police received a 911 call stating a woman was surrounded by two dogs, misidentified as pit bulls that were attacking someone. When the officer arrived, he stated the larger of the two dogs had taken a defensive stance, and the policeman was afraid for his safety and shot the dog. The dog’s owner, Valeria Rios disputes the officer’s claim and wants to know why a taser or pepper spray could not have been used instead. aurora-dog-shot

Valeria claims the witnesses and officers exaggerated the situation, and the dogs attacked no one. Tragically, Valeria had to have her dog euthanized – the injury from the gunshot wound was too severe for her dog Angelo, to have survived.

“He did not deserve to get shot. Animal control should have been there, not them,” said Rios.

The video of Valeria kissing Angelo during the dying dog’s last moments  can be seen here. Rest in peace Angelo. Rios has not decided if she will pursue legal channels.

(Photo of dying dog’s last moments via freezeshot CbsDenver)

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  1. The so called officer who murdered this dog must be fired! He’s a threat to society and should have no access to any gun! The department and city must be sued for allowing such a person to work in that position, wether it was a ‘pit bull’ or T-Cup Poodle, it displayed no aggression, being murdered was uncalled for and unjustified! No amount of money can replace a family member, nor can it bring them back. But it can prevent it from happening again, it can prevent that officer from murdering another innocent animal or human child, teen, or adult. I’d sue the pants off that person individually, the department, and the city. Don’t let them get away with this girl!!!

  2. I feel for this woman losing her dog like this but where was she when all this was going on, and why were her dogs running loose? “She was not attacked… Angelo did grab her dog and roughed him up a little but let him go. A vicious dog would have killed that dog,” said Rios” I’m sorry but if a dog grabbed my dog, I wouldn’t be too happy about it and from what is in the CBSDenver report, the dog had a prior citation for being an aggressive animal. Ms Rios should accept some of the responsibility for this, We have to protect our pets from this by watching them, containing them and not letting them be put in a position where they are running loose. It’s one thing when the police shoot a contained or tethered dog that didn’t present a danger, but a dog running loose is fair game for an officer that “fears for their safety”. I;m sorry Angelo lost his life like this and I feel for Ms Rios but I can see why it happened.

  3. Dear a****** cop however give you a job with him is beyond me you people out in Colorado f***** up the Joan Bennett case hope she says that live in f****** s*** out of you a******

  4. Tired of these idiots who ASSUME that because a dog looks like a pit, he or she must be evil. Cops kill them just because of their presumed breed. Had they been collies, other terriers, or standard poodles, they might very well be alive today, even though some cops kill dogs regardless of breed. In Colorado, it tends to be ignorance due to BSL that drives these thugs with badges.

  5. If the police did not lie they would of released the body videos and btw who the hell are they to no release video. who the f*** do they work for anyways.

  6. I hope they release the body cam video without them being edited. Yes, the question is why were the dogs loose. However, this problem of cops killing dogs has become rather infectious throughout the country. How is it this police dept. has been working SO hard in training their officers on how to handle these situations as they stated, and the outcome is the use of bullets? Why shoot to kill? Why not some other kind of non-lethal methods. It’s pure BS and the dept. will only cover-up for their own. Big men, little *****.

  7. No one heard the 911 call? The dog was acting aggressive. I love animals, but if a dog is attacking my dog, or a person, or threatening to do so, it needs to be handled. Remarks about the cops and no thinking here is ridiculous. Sorry.


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