Sheriff calls puppy’s abuse something ‘I still can’t believe’

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On the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Facebook for October 13, the headline from Sheriff Wayne Ivey reflected the cruelty of a small puppy’s abuse:

“There are some things that are so heartless that even as sheriff I still can’t believe.”

On Friday, investigators arrested Jerry Volcimus, the owner of a four-month-old puppy named ‘Wolfie’ who had been locked inside of a crate and kept in an overheated garage.brevard-county-so-3 To add to the puppy’s suffering and abuse, he was emaciated and suffered from a severe case of mange.

And so began the tragic story of a dog named ‘Wolfie’ found bloodied and near death in July. Animal Enforcement Officers immediately removed him from the home and transported him to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Veterinarian, Dr. Sarah Boyd for medical treatment. Dr. Boyd examined Wolfie and concluded that he was in severe pain and listed him in critical condition.

Although Volcimus claimed he had sought veterinarian attention for his puppy’s skin condition, he was never able to produce any proof. An arrest warrant was issued for felony animal cruelty causing pain and suffering. Volcimus is currently in the Brevard County Jail.

“I want to truly commend the citizen who followed our community’s mantra of ‘see something/say something’ and in doing so saved this dog’s life while helping to get a heartless criminal off our street,” stated Sheriff Ivey.

And the good news is that Wolfie has since recovered and been adopted into a loving home.brevard-county-so2

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5 replies
  1. Ellen Anderson says:

    Lock this POS in a crate, put him in a hot garage, wait till he’s emaciated … then let him out. Or not. I vote for not. Animal abusers should get the same treatment that they dole out to the poor innocent animals.

    • malgorzata szostek says:

      Volcimus guy has a deep need to inflict pain on others. He enjoys very much watching others starve, cry in pain, suffocate in heat, it is all good to him. He is a sadist who will be looking again for an easy prey: another puppy to torture. He needs a constant vigil. Thank you, Sheriff Wayne Ivey and good people in your county for saving Wolfie from the horrors of being his pet. Glad he is in prison, too. Thank you, again.

  2. Brian R. Galbraith says:

    Thank U to Sheriff Ivey & everyone else involved in the saving of Wolfie’s life, Now throw the owner into piss poor living condition’s & make him suffer!!!! I’m so thankful Wolfie is still alive & All the very best to him!!! Live on Wolfie, Enjoy U’re freedom!!!

  3. says:

    This is the most hanous crimes that anyone can do. It breaks my heart severely… I wish we could do the same crime to the abuser that they have done to the abused animal. Maybe then, they would think twice if indeed it was a kae… God Bless these poor snimals… and may God have NO MERCY on the disgusting maggots whom did these unthinkable acts.


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