Shelter worker cuddles up to lonely rescue dog on floor of kennel

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An abandoned dog, lying alone in her kennel found some gentle comforting and love by a compassionate shelter worker on Friday, when the woman climbed inside the dog’s cage to comfort the dog as shown in an emotional short video at the Conway Area Humane Society in New Hampshire. Conway Area Humane Society

According to the shelter, the female dog Prissy had lived all of her short life outdoors on a hot concrete slab in rural Tennessee. When found abandoned, she was taken to the shelter, where for the first time in her life, she knew what it was like to be loved.

The sweet dog had been spayed on Friday, in preparation for adoption, and as she slept and and as her tail continued to wag, shelter manager Debra Cameron decided to video the adorable  pooch snoozing so happily and peacefully. As she approached Prissy’s kennel, Cameron was emotionally moved when she saw shelter supervisor Chrissy Ireland lying beside Prissy, inside of the kennel, gently lavishing the dog with soft pats, hugs and kisses. One can only imagine how the lonely dog, who never felt love before, must have responded to the attention:

“Moments like this are a regular sight at the shelter, however, catching them on camera is rare. The staff usually run when a camera comes out! Sorry, Chrissy, I had to show it,” wrote Debra on the organization’s Facebook page.

The Conway Area Humane Society acts as  a real “shelter” for the abused, abandoned, lost and neglected. And at the end of the video, no truer words could be spoken to describe what these people:
“This is not just a job. These are not just animals. We are committed to the human-animal bond. Protecting it when threatened by violence, disaster or medical emergency, respecting it when broken by death, we are your Conway Area Humane Society.”
What a wonderful tribute to so many unrecognized shelter people who share the same love, respect and care for those who cannot speak.
Since the video was posted on Friday, it has garnered more than 50,000 views:
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(Photo and video by the Conway Area Humane Society)


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