Animal Control labeled 4-month-old pup ‘feral’: Look at him now

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Had it not been for the four-month-old puppy’s photo having been shared through social media thousands of times, Riley no doubt would have never had a future. Brought in as a stray by Animal Control in Gaston, North Carolina, who labeled him the frightened little puppy as “feral,” he was doomed to die at the high kill shelter. How would the pup have a chance to be rescued or adopted?riley-the-nyc-2

When Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were asked to help save Riley as his photo went viral, the organization’s co-founder, Jackie O’Sullivan couldn’t say no.

“Everyone was so worried about this poor puppy with the label of ‘feral and wild.’ Riley was frightened, alone, filthy and obviously did not come from anywhere good. Look at his nails,” Jackie stated.

One of the rescue organization’s foster homes volunteered to help the puppy, and on Friday afternoon Riley had his freedom walk out of the shelter.

“The once growling, terrified, trying-to-bite puppy very quickly became the puppy you see in the video rolling over for belly rubs,” happily explained Jackie. riley-the-nyc4

Riley is doing great with the other foster dogs and has been learning to play with toys. After four baths, he is a beautiful white puppy finally rid of fleas, ticks and filth. And to think of all the dogs just like Riley, who in the past have been labeled aggressive and not adoptable… this little puppy is definitely one of the lucky ones.

To help Rescue Dogs Rock NYC continue helping dogs just like Riley, please donate here.

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Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Saturday, September 10, 2016


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  1. Penny's Dachshund says:

    North Carolina is the STATE of FERAL PEOPLE !!!!! The poor animals aren’t FERAL they are neglected, abused, starved, abandoned , and murdered… Why because of the Vile ,hateful, drug infested, individuals that have multiplied in this State of disruption!!! This isn’t the Genial, Cordial, Sympathetic , Family Orientated , place it was years ago!!! Drugs, Gangs, Dog Fighting, Ethnic Discord, Unemployment, and Derelicts have taken the State Hostage…. The police either don’t care or are overwhelmed ! The judicial just puts the Animal Abusers, killers, Rapists , thieves , back out on the street if they even bother to arrest them!!! This is very sad to say the least… This poor little Guy is JUST one of the thousands of victims both ANIMAL and HUMAN that have suffered because of the gangs, drugs, and discord!!! The Caring People and Organizations are simply overwhelmed!!!!

    • Jo Ann Gibbs says:

      AMEN this is exactly what should be posted everyday I find these scums to be allowed to get away way to easy vote for me I am a nobody who will crush these types into a fine powder !!!!

  2. diane lake says:

    Rescue dogs rocks is one of the best dog rescues ever.
    Personally, I cannot understand how people who work around dogs daily in the shelters still will claim a dog who is terrified will get labeled aggressive. You would think after awhile they would learn and understand that dogs, like people, act differently to fear and a dog may be so afraid they will act out. It is plain common sense.
    I think far too many probably know but, are in the business of killing rather then saving


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