Shame on Montreal: City council bans pit bull type dogs

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On Tuesday afternoon, Montreal city council voted  37-23 to ban the ownership of pit bull type dogs thus changing the animal control bylaws, reports CBCNews.

The antiquated breed specific legislation (BSL) which judges all dogs with certain body types, square heads and just the chance they could be viewed as a pit bull or any pit bull type goes into effect across all 19 Montreal boroughs commencing October 3.

“My duty as mayor of Montreal is making sure I am working for all Montrealers,”stated Denis Coderre. “And I am there to make sure they feel safe and that they are safe.”

Three months ago, Christiane Vadnais, 55, was mauled to death by a dog; the pet was initially identified as a pit bull, however the police have never verified that information and are still waiting for DNA test results stating they were not experts in judging dog breeds. The attack caused a province-wide debate on the breed – of course blaming any dog even slightly resembling a pit bull as a monster. Ironically, media has since reported the dog involved in the woman’s death identified the dog, named Lucifer, as a boxer with a previous bite record.

According to the Montreal Gazette, during the last 30 years in Quebec, five other people have been killed by dogs, and all of the dogs involved were described as from the husky breed. No laws have ever been introduced to ban huskies in Quebec, argued Ewa Demianowicz, a spokesperson for the Canadian branch of the Humane Society International.

“This is the first dog identified as a pit bull who kills someone, and everyone reacted right away,” stated Ewa on Friday.

The Montreal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals stated the controversial legislation is “unfair, unenforceable, and most importantly ineffective.”

The new legislation will define the following as pit bulls:

  • Staffordshire bull terriers
  • American pit bull terriers
  • American Staffordshire terriers
  • Any mix with these breeds
  • Any dog that presents characteristics of one of those breeds

For anyone owning a dog fitting the above description, owners who live in Montreal, will be required to obtain a special permit by December 31, 2016. In addition the law now creates two categories of dogs of all breeds – at risk and dangerous. An at-risk dog is any pet that exhibits aggressive behavior such as having bitten someone. If  a dog is deemed dangerous, the council will be able to “act accordingly.”

Social media has erupted with animal lovers posting photos of their pit bulls – calling the council a disgrace. Anyone with a dog with a square head is afraid they might be stigmatized, forced to make their dogs wear muzzles or even ordered to have their dogs euthanized.

And as animal lovers everywhere hear the decision was based on “common sense” and not a “scientific debate” making it opinion over facts, one can only hope the ignorance will end.

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(Photo courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

14 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    This makes me SICK!!! As usual, the idiot fails to go after the REAL culprits: IRRESPONSIBLE HUMANS!!! Blame the dogs, but not the people who fail them and cause the problems, whether it’s by failure to train and socialize their dogs to outright abandonment, or even negligence and an ignorant human provoking his or her own attack. The only dog who ever bit me was a dachshund, and I’ve known many bully breeds without a single attempted bite! Shame on the Mayor and the Council that voted for this immoral, outrageous and outdated law! Yet another place I never want to visit!

    • babette says:

      Why do people hand over the power to these idiots to ban this, that and the other, in the first place? Who is this guy who thinks he can decide what dog a person can or cannot own? What if next week he decides cats are dangerous or poodles or canaries?

      I hope Montrealers will fight this ban and any other similar interference by these self-appointed “authorities” into their lives.

      I don’t believe anything on TV. Television is a box of LIES. TPTB create/invent and stage an event, then step in with the “solution” and nobody questions this!!! Where’s the PROOF?

      They stage the PROBLEM, and step in with their SOLUTION. PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION.

      People should WAKE UP to the fact that what they see on TV is BS writ large!

  2. susispot says:

    The Montreal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals stated the controversial legislation is “unfair, unenforceable, and most importantly ineffective.”
    I wouldn’t want to bet my pet’s life on this statement. It’s just to scary and mind numbing to find out your dog could be killed because of his looks alone.

  3. Katherine says:

    This ban in Montreal (or any other place in the world)is ridiculous! I’m outraged by this decision. This is just another level of racism. Do we ban/kill drug dealers, killers, rapists or people that have potential to commit a crime or look a certain way? Or put a muzzle on them? No, we don’t. They go through the system and then are released back into society to reoffend. If dogs like children are trained (taught) properly then they will be good and act “right”. Yes, even people like all animals can turn when provoked. So, shouldn’t people be held to this law also?

  4. Diane Marks says:

    This just proves your ignorance…Try educating yourselves before you order the death of some many innocent lives… no way are you serving the citizens of Montreal…There must be something more in it for you. You can’t make the correct decisions without all the information……try researching this topic or are you to ignorant for that too.

  5. Christina macgregor says:

    You people in montreal are idiots . You dont even know the breed of the dog. I will never come to montreal ever…i ban you………

  6. S. Hubert says:

    Coderre, you are a joke to all who lives in Montreal! How can you be safe when you can live next door to a pedophile, you destroy mail boxes, (not even your property), and the construction on your roads are dangerous! You ban pitbulls, yet no punishments to bad ass owners of these dogs!! You punish good pitbulls with loving family homes, you are irresponsible just like the bad ass dog owners! Boycott Montreal, all businesses that sell, animal foods and animal products as well as all concerts given in Montreal, should ban Montreal, this place is dangerous and the mayor is an animal hater! He should not be mayor!!

  7. S.hybert says:

    All humans that love animals boycott Montreal! Businesses that supply dog foods and supplies in store boycott Montreal! Ban mayor Coderre the animal hater, he is uneducated and dangerous, he loves bad ass owners of dogs and lets them free of punishment!! He is very bad for Montreal!


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