Severely neglected puppy fights for her life

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Tiny Francesca was found as a stray on Monday – and yes, it’s almost impossible to imagine how anyone could be so heartless as to abandon a defenseless and severely neglected puppy with an acute infection all over her face and frail body.

According to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, Francesca was discovered by a Good Samaritan in Jefferson County, Alabama and brought to the organization for life saving care. Francesca faces a long road to recovery; she suffers from acute dermatitis, open sores and pustules over her face and body; many of which have become septic. No one can be sure what happened in Francesca’s short life thus far, but only extreme neglect could have contributed to the pain and agony this puppy has endured. On Tuesday afternoon, the organization posted the following update for their followers on Facebook:

Allison Black Cornelius: “She has a severe bacterial infection that could have come from an infected bite. Fleas. Wound. It is septic and resulting in large open wounds on her body. Very grateful to the Good Samaritan that found her in a Birmingham park and brought her to us.”

The puppy is currently in the care of the veterinarians at the Humane Society who are dedicated to helping Francesca make a full recovery and then be made available for adoption. Her recovery is expected to take more than a month, but hopefully this adorable pup will be ready to go home for the holidays.

Her recovery can be followed on the organization’s Facebook page. Donations to help Francesca are appreciated and can be made by clicking here. (or  TEXT DOG or CAT to 52000 to easily donate $10.)

(Photo of severely neglected puppy via Laura Brinkman )



11 replies
  1. pennysdachshund says:

    The “Worthless Maggot ” that allowed this to happen to such a poor innocent puppy NEEDS Lead POISONING from a 38!!! What the HELL is going on in Alabama has “METH” “CRANK” “HEROIN ” taken over the ENTIRE STATE!!! BRAIN DDEAD SYNDROME!!! or JUST PLAIN EVIL SOULS WALKING AROUND LIKE THE ZOMBI WORSHIPERS!!!!! Good GOD ALMIGHTY!!!

  2. Sharon E Rouse says:

    Thank you for taking this puppy in and providing the love and medication for her healing
    God bless your cause and bless you with a generous amount of monies to heal and find these precious babies homes.

  3. Angie B says:

    Thank you for all you do for all the neglected, abused and unwanted dogs and cats. Everyone there is a mighty ray of sunshine in this sometimes dark and unfriendly world.

  4. Sophie Reed says:

    Who would do that? How do people get away with hurting innocent animals? She is such a sweet, loving little pup and I hope she finds her forever home soon! Best of luck to Francesca!

  5. Debor33 says:

    Could we please get an update on Francesca? Her story broke my heart….is she well, where is she living now?


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