Severely injured Lab rescued from ‘makeshift’ shelter that doesn’t allow public adoptions

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In an unnamed Texas “makeshift” shelter – the likes of which few rescuers have ever encountered, a young black Labrador retriever curled up into the corner of the cage on the hard concrete floor as she shivered in pain and fright.Luna the black dog 2 Sadly, Luna had been picked up by Animal Control and brought to the shelter – her chances of ever feeling the grass under her paws or seeing the sunshine were almost non-existent since the shelter does not adopt out to the public.

“This shelter is one of the most “bare bones” we have ever encountered,” stated Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the organization who stepped up to rescue Luna. “We cannot tell you the name of the shelter or its exact location for fear that they will not allow our volunteers to help the animals.”Luna the black dog 3

And that’s how Luna’s plight became known – a volunteer spotted  the dog severely injured, writhing in pain and unable to use her back legs. The woman was so distraught, she refused to leave Luna in that situation; even if it meant the next step was to humanely euthanize the dog. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC agreed to help because Luna would have had no other option. The dog has since been transported to the organization’s partner veterinary hospital in Texas where Luna will undergo a series of tests and radiographs to determine the cause of her back leg lameness. Luna the black dog 4

Welcome to your new life Luna where you will never again suffer.

To help with Luna’s veterinary expenses, please click here.

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(Photos and video courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Monday, September 5, 2016

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    What kind of shelter doesn’t allow adoptions? Bless Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, again they step to the plate to save Luna!

  2. Darla says:

    This just ticks me off. It’s not a “shelter” if it lets a dog writhe in pain. I’ve heard of places that don’t allow public adoptions which is also BS. Who finds these places? Taxpayers? Then these do-called shelters need to be open to the public and be accountable to the taxpayers and take care of the animals. I’m so thankful for the volunteer who was this dog’s advocate. I see some gray on his muzzle so he’s not quite as young as they think….unless it’s premature. Not that his age matters….his LIFE matters. I hope he’s not permanently paralyzed in the hind end. 🙁

  3. Marnie Spencer says:

    THANK YOU Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for saving this lab girl. .
    Yes, this is a horrible pound (NOT shelter) but GA has one in the middle of the state that NO ONE is allowed to know the location that is on the same level. They could care less about the animals and also refuses adoptions.
    I hope this young girl has a good chance at life with vet care and finds a loving home.
    Please everyone if at all possible donate to this wonderful rescue org to help them help the dogs in trouble.
    Please SHARE!

  4. Camille Carrigan says:

    Unless you’re going to rescue ALL the animals at this facility going forward
    , they need to be NAMED!!! This is utterly unacceptable!! In other words, they’re going to be allowed to continue in this way???!!!

  5. Mongoose218 says:

    I assume this is the SAME shelter that Pam Kramer used to write about on Examiner; a SECRET shelter, where even locals looking for lost pets could not go……HOW is it allowed to continue to exist? Where are the authorities??? Are the dogs and cats sent from this shelter to labs and other such places? No one knows…….

  6. Cyndi says:

    If they don’t allow adoptions them what is their purpose? Lock them in a cement prison! Some investigation needs be done to get the bottom of this unusual “rescue”

  7. Joyce A King says:

    That doesn’t sound like a shelter, that sounds like a torture chamber, or a concentration camp, or a prison…It sounds like a hell for animals to be taken there. If they will never again feel grass beneath their feet, it sounds like someone should investigate and shut that place down. That is animal abuse! If a shelter doesn’t adopt the animals out, what do they do with them?!? Where’s the ASPCA or peta to investigate? Oh wait, they’re too busy raking in the big bucks, paying their CEO (at ASPCA) and killing dogs and cats (peta).

  8. Carol Ellis says:

    I smell a rat! Animal Control brought black injured dog to “no name facility” obviously NOT a shelter but holding area ? Animal abuse/cruelty is animal abuse regardless of WHO is the abuser! What do we know? The dog was whimpering in pain laying unattended on concrete floor. long? Can not tell name of facility fear of not allow helpful volunteers! To threaten and with hold necessary care for animals in need is cruel. This community must be aware this place exist ? It does not allow adoptions? WHY?.Who.pays the bills? Investigation to free these victims of human suffering! Find out from state/ local officials be the voice for those who have no voice

  9. Jennifer whilt says:

    I don’t understand these animal control facilities that don’t allow public adoption. There is also one in Georgia that someone posts the dogs for rescue only, no public adoptions. I have tried googling these places, but it is as if they are nonexistent. I don’t think the rescues that try to help these facilities are allowed to say anything about location or there purpose. It’s frustrating! I wish someone would report on these!

  10. google says:

    Having read this I thought it was rather informative.
    I appreciate you finding the time and energy
    to put this information together. I once again find myself personally
    spending a significant amount of time both reading and commenting.
    But so what, it was still worth it!

  11. Joan A Trahan says:

    I’m going to stick my neck out and hazard a guess. Could it be a shelter, where animals who have been used in medical or scientific or medical experiments and research are brought after their usefulness is over….some being damaged as failed experiments? They MAY be potentially harmful to their handlers, if no one knows what chemicals or medicines or diseases were imposed or used on them, hence “secret” facilities.

  12. Penny's Dachshund says:

    WOW a TEXAS CONCENTRATION CAMP!!!! I wonder who the director of this Nazi Dog Prison is doing to the poor unfortunate Victims that the REST of THE Country is not aware of!!!! This SCREAMS INVESTIGATION!!! Yet it is kept secretive and silent!!! Call it the TEXAS DOG GATE !!! Totally Sick and Unsavory . What the HELL is being Hidden from the general population of this Country?? Also what is happening to these poor animals that our Freedom of Information Society don’t KNOW???


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