Severely burned puppy discovered on Florida farm

A severely burned puppy, with wounds covering 30 percent of his tiny body, was rescued this week in Ocala, Florida. According to Wednesday’s Fox 35 News, the five-week-old puppy, dubbed “Keegan,” was brought to the Humane Society of Marion County on Tuesday by someone who discovered him, along with his littermates, on a farm.


Little Keegan was the only pup with injuries and though nobody is certain how he was burned, animal cruelty is not suspected. According to Dr. Lidya Albano, the shelter veterinarian, it is likely that Keegan tried to hide, possibly during a storm, and was burned in the process. Dr. Albana stated “This is very indicative of a puppy, or a dog, that tries to get underneath something, to hide from something.”


Keegan is so young that he is not able to undergo surgery, but he is receiving a good deal of tender loving care and daily bandage changes to keep him comfortable, and help him recuperate. Eventually (in several months) Keegan will be made available for adoption. Find the Humane Society of Marion County here.

(photos screenshots via Fox 35 News)



  1. Penny's Dachshund
    Penny's Dachshund says:

    This is a very fortunate that he has been taken in and well cared for!!!! Now this little guy will get a chance to spend a lifetime being loved and giving love in return …. I feel confident his rescue team will make Darn sure that someone special gets him (If one of this team doesn’t just fall in love and keep him themselves)!!! YOU guys are a wonderful and caring group of people!!!


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