Serial cat killer allowed to roam free: Officials say ‘not a top priority’

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A serial cat killer is suspected to be roaming the streets of Spokane, Washington. Since August, when local resident Wesley O’Dell found the first tortured kitten tied, taped, strangled and killed, the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection (SCRAPS) and local police have seemingly taken little interest. According to KhqNews, O’Dell, an animal advocate, was shocked when he noticed flies buzzing over a pair of shorts and pieces of cable wire lying in the street:

“To come across something like this less than a block and a half away from our house it’s just wrong,” O’Dell stated. It wound up being a little kitten about that big, just wrapped up in phone cords and chargers. It was wrapped so tightly its paw was up along its face and the jaw was ripped down. It’s just disgusting. It makes me sick to my stomach that somebody would do something like that.”

O’Dell was never interviewed nor was the kitten’s body ever examined to determine the exact cause of death. And as tragic as that incident was, the animal cruelty to kittens didn’t stop there. When a second kitten was found in Spokane that had been strangled to death with a USB cord and wrapped in a sweatshirt, animal advocate and Hollywood celebrity, Sia Barbi asked Guardians of Rescue to find the kitten killer since Spokane officials told Wesley, “not a high priority” and turned him away.  A $2,500 reward was soon offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. Both acts of the heinous cruelty appeared to be related.

After an exhaustive investigation, Guardians of Rescue were able to procure evidence as to the owner of the sweatshirt, audio proof allegedly linked to a suspect involved in the kitten killings and how the suspect may have used Craigslist or traps to find his tiny victims. And as December rolls in, advocates  believe at least 19 kittens may have since been tortured and killed in unfathomable cruelty. According to advocates, no investigation is underway.

Never doubt how cat-loving advocates won’t go that extra mile to investigate and find a serial cat killer. In 2014, a crew of online sleuths joined by Hollywood, Sia Barbi, one of the sister models who gained fame in 1991 after posing in Playboy, had been receiving e-mails directing her to the egregious world of serial kitten killer turned murderer. Sia and Shane had successfully lobbied for the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act, a bill to ban sexual deviant videos known for women wearing high heels crushing small animals.

According to Rolling Stones Magazine, the Barbi twins, using their notoriety, their passion for saving animals and backed by a long list of animal advocates, helped to bring murdered Luke Magnotta to justice.

“Spokane’s serial cat killing case resembles the case I worked on; the Luke Magnotta tragedy,” stated Sia. “Like this Spokane cat killer case, no one helped me or cared about the kittens being killed until a human was murdered. That is why I am publicly posting about this cat killing case and asking for my celebrity animal sleuths to help as well as the public.”

Guardians of Rescue state they have supplied SCRAPS with crucial evidence, witnesses and information on the suspect, however SCRAPS does not consider the information a ‘complete report.’

“I think Spokane residents deserve to know that witnesses allegedly identified a local homeless, drug user that lives in his car, as the ‘suspect,’ states Sia. “In my opinion, Scraps is more concerned with using Guardians of Rescue as a ‘stalling technique’ in the name of ‘protocol’ so they can continue to do nothing, and probably hope the case will go away… Spokane residents vote their mayor into office and pay taxes to fund SCRAPS, and isn’t the community owed warnings and updates as to the investigation?””

Contact information as follows:

Mayor David Condon (509).625.6250

SCRAPS (509).477.2532

Prosecutor Larry Haskill (509).477.3662

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  1. Patty says:


    • susispot says:

      It’s just a matter of time. I hope they start to see this as the crime it is. The nutjob that tortured and killed this babies is a real danger.

  2. Edward says:

    Hi I have an idea let me take the UPS cable put around his cock and break his f****** cock off and then shove it in his mouth whatever be like that and you take a fucken ice pick and poke out his f****** eyes and he can never ever ever heard another animal’s long as you show f****** with this piece of s***

  3. LAURIE POWELL says:

    This monster needs to be put to sleep – there is no rehabilitating someone this disturbed….humans will be next for this sicko.

  4. Teresa Garmany says:

    I think a “animal abuser” national register list is a good idea. When these sadistic people want to get an animal from a person, shelter, etc. People could check to see if person wanting animal is on list. They should never be allowed to have another animal.

  5. Tammy Smythe says:

    Just think about if there a people no matter the age doing this type of abuse to tiny little kittens..What are they going to do when they’re bored…Needs to be “STOPPED” now!

  6. Angela Vincent says:

    most sociopaths target small animals before going for big targets and most criminologist say this and so it is serious because he gets a kick out of murdering and thats how he gets his kicks

  7. Protectors of God's Creatures says:

    Shame on you SCRAPS and the employees of SCRAPS. Your a terrible service to the city of Spokane and have become hypocrites to the information contained on the SCRAPS Website. SCRAPS needs new management that can lead in saving the defenseless animals that are being brutally beaten and tied up and inhumanly killed for the enjoyment of a sick and psychotic twisted mind. There is no team work energy in a service that cannot work with the cities population to solve mutilation crimes to creatures of God. You have dug a hole to hide in instead of taking a firm ground and using the law to stop a loose monster among the City of Spokane. it is a far worse thing to know that the crime exist and who is the cause of and do nothing to prevent it. You again should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing the terror to continue to innocent animals. Maybe you need to put yourselves into the eyes of all of the victims that this monster Kitten Killer has destroyed from having a God given life on this earth. Life matters to all breathing creatures and must be protected from the evil that you have enabled to let grow and increase the pain he causes on life. †


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  3. […] By Sia & Shane Barbi – December 9, 2016 0 270 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Beginning in August, there has been a couple of kittens found strangled to death using electrical wires in Spokane, Washington. The images and stories about the finding of these cats are extremely disturbing. There is a serial cat killer, brutally torturing cats and getting away with it and this is unacceptable. Spokane officials are failing and justice must be served to this despicable murderer. Below is a letter and timeline for this case written by animal activists, The Barbi Twins, who are working diligently on this case: Spokane WA officials allowing alleged cat killer to roam free and not warn community! ATTN: Mayor Condon, DA, SCRAPS (Spokane County Regional Animal Protection). >>Timeline: Serial cat killing case, and Spokane officials failing August: Wesley ODell, a Spokane resident, found the first tortured, dead kitten and called police, who referred him to SCRAPS (Spokane County Regional Animal Protection). SCRAPS told Wesley that the little kitten that was brutally tortured to death, “was not a high priority“. Wesley ODell, was desperate for help, since police and animal protection, (SCRAPS),  turned him away, so he sought media to help catch kitten killer. Local Spokane news (KXLY and KHQ) covered Wesley ODell’s story of finding the first tiny kitten, tied, tapped, strangled and brutally tortured to death. This media pressure inspired SCRAPS to suddenly appear concerned, and told the media and Wesley they would “investigate”. However, SCRAPS never called or interviewed Wesley, they never asked to inspect the tortured kitten, they never posted any investigation, updates or anything about the kitten killing. They didn’t even post warnings to local pet owners. Everyone told me that they did absolutely NOTHING! Wesley, frustrated with not getting any help or concern, voluntarily brought the dead little kitten to SCRAPS to see if they would investigate. They did not. I received many complaints about SCRAPS not doing a thing about the dead kitten tortured to death, or even interviewing Wesley about the kitten killing. **Because SCRAPS and the city of Spokane failed to investigate this dead kitten or interview Wesley or anyone having to do with this case, I then asked Guardians of Rescue to step in, and help find the kitten killer. Guardians of Rescue, put up a huge REWARD, hired people to pass out posters and flyers, and hired a private investigator to collect evidence to present to the prosecutor.   September Mr Linder, another Spokane resident, found another tortured kitten that eventually had to be put down. Again, SCRAPS did nothing, so Mr. Linder turned to the media for help, because he had crucial evidence, a sweatshirt that was wrapped around the tortured kittens body. This important evidence was given to Guardians of Rescue, since they were the only ones interested in investigating this kitten killing. SCRAPS never contacted Wesley, Mr. Linder or anyone. Guardians of Rescue announced that this was now a SERIAL CAT KILLER case.    SCRAPS had no idea this was a serial cat killer nor any concern. Again, nothing was posted on SCRAPS Facebook or website at all having to do with this serious animal abuser being loose in their community.   October: Guardians of Rescue, after hours and hours of investigations, successfully found crucial witnesses to identify both the sweatshirt that was wrapped around the 2nd kitten, and the witnesses who identified the suspect. Guardians of Rescue also obtained audio that directly linked the suspect to the kittens and how he would catch them (Craigslist and trapping allegedly). This is when I found out that possibly 19 kittens were tortured and killed. November: Guardians of Rescue finally had all the evidence to present to prosector but were told they had to go through SCRAPS. December: SCRAPS should have thanked Guardians of Rescue for doing all the hard footwork, (finding witnesses, crucial evidence and even the alleged suspect). However, SCRAPS justifies not investigating or prosecuting this case, because Guardians of Rescue didn’t give what SCRAPS would consider as a “complete report”. SCRAPS quote: “The information that Guardian of Rescue has sent so far is not a complete picture of their actions and we do not want to misstep and jeopardize the case. We prefer not to do our additional investigating until we know exactly what has already been done, who they talked to and what was said.“ Let’s clear this up. SCRAPS says they want to wait and not do any “additional” investigation? Everyone has agreed that SCRAPS has done absolutely nothing in this investigation including never posting any updates, rewards or warnings. SCRAPS also says they are waiting to be given a “complete picture”? Guardians of Rescue gave SCRAPS crucial evidence, witnesses and THE SUSPECT!!! SCRAPS admitted to me that Guardians of Rescue provided SCRAPS with ALL the crucial evidence, including the audio, photos, witnesses, even the suspect. Furthermore, it’s not Guardians of Rescue’s job to give SCRAPS their version of a “complete report”. That is SCRAPS job! The only time SCRAPS pretended to do an investigation is when the media was looking more concerned than SCRAPS. I think Spokane residents DESERVE to know that witnesses allegedly identified a local homeless, drug user that lives in his car, as the “suspect”, but SCRAPS is more concerned with using Guardians of Rescue as a “stalling technique” in the name of “protocol”, so they can continue to do nothing, and probably hope the case will go away. Spokane residents vote their mayor in office, and pay taxes that fund facilities like SCRAPS, so YOU owe it to them to post warnings and updates, and to follow through with your own investigation as promised. SCRAPS website reads: “Our mission is to save pets, protect people and build a strong community.”  Really? Spokane’s serial cat killing case resembles the case I worked on, the Luka Magnotta tragedy, (kitten killer turn murderer), Like this Spokane cat killer case, no one helped me or cared about the kittens being killed until a human was murdered. That is why I am publicly posting my timeline about this cat killing case and asking for my celebrity animal sleuths help,(in cc’s) as well as the public’s help, to say: SPOKANE OFFICIALS, STOP ALLOWING THIS SERIAL CAT KILLER TO CONTINUE TO KILL WHILE YOU ARE STALLING INVESTIGATION TO AVOID PROSECUTING THIS CASE!  Thank you, Barbi Twins, cc Guardians of Rescue, Wesley Odell, cc Cheryl Hanna (journalist), cc (celebrity support to find justice for those kittens!)Ken Wahl, Katie Cleary, Willie Nelson’s daughter Amy, Joanna Krupa, Jane Velez Mitchell, Bonnie Jill Laflin, Clint Eastwood’s daughter Alison, William McNamara, Elaine Hendrex, Simone Reyes TAKE ACTION! Please tell the following officials to investigate prosecute this serial cat killer! Mayor David Condon: 509-625-6250 SCRAPS: 509-477-2532 Prosecutor Larry Haskill: 509-477-3662 To read more about these cases visit: […]

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