Senior dog forgotten in boarding

Senior dog forgotten in boarding after owner cast her aside 5 years ago

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Five very long years ago, a dog named “Tallulah,” was cast aside by her heartless owner. Details of the manner in which Tallulah was discarded are heartbreaking…

According to The Forgotten Pet Advocates, a good Samaritan stepped in when she saw a man chasing after his dog with a baseball bat – the man was screaming at the dog, angry that she was no longer able to produce puppies for him to sell. Tallulah’s former life involved being used, time and again, to produce litters of puppies for her heartless owner to sell – when her body was no longer capable of carrying puppies, she became useless to him.


The woman who stepped in to save Tallulah from being beaten took the dog away, but she was unable to keep her. Tallulah was put into boarding and though the woman tried to find her a home, her efforts were unsuccessful.

The Forgotten Pet Advocates got involved after hearing the sad tale of Tallulah and her dismal past. The group described this special senior dog:

“Tallulah” was born around 2-2009, fully vetted and micro-chipped. She wants nothing more than love and to be loved. She adores people and does well with most other dogs her size.
Tallulah loves to run and play as well as curl up on a couch with you. She is well mannered and hardly ever barks. She enjoys her treats and doesn’t ask for much. She is very low – keyed.

Tallulah has been in training with Transform My Dog, but those who know her have stated that she does not require much more obedience instruction, just some “fine tuning.” Please help this deserving senior dog find a real home, where she can experience the joy of being a beloved companion.

Message or Email: to adopt or foster Tallulah

Location: Houston, Texas

Facebook page here.

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  1. edward says:

    I like the idea of beating that dog with a baseball bat. So much that I want to take that same baseball bat that the former owner tickets cock out and make sure that you never ever ever use that again I think that’s a lot of fun don’t you or respond back to me if you were with me good luck my little friend hope to God you get a home


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