Senior Dalmatian returned by rescue group finds new home thanks to social media

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A nine-year-old male Dalmatian named Poochie, once rejected, ashamed and despondent, has been rescued thanks to the inimitable powers of social media.


Poochie had been at the Downey Animal Care Center since June 11, and when made available for adoption on July 12, a rescue organization stepped in to help. As Poochie was being led out of the shelter into the awaiting vehicle, he became fearful and bit the “puller’s” face. From the parking lot, Poochie was walked back into the shelter.

For days the dog’s desperate plight circulated widely through social media, and when the story landed on the desk of Katharina Woodworth, founder/Director of Advocacy & Education for Paws Worldwide, she immediately fell in love with the dog and notified one of her favorite foster parents as well as a board member. Poochie 2

“… I have happy news! Poochie is now out and free,” wrote Katharina to the Pet Rescue Report.  “He’s going to one of the most loving homes and experienced dog fosters I know. I am so thrilled – and I wouldn’t have known about him had you not written that article. We all thank you for that!” Poochie 3

On his freedom walk, Poochie was very well-behaved. There were no issues as he happily left the shelter after 40 days and entered into his travel crate. He suffers from a stiff gait/arthritis, and has cataracts; 30% of Dalmatians are born deaf, so he was approached lovingly and carefully, knowing he may suffer from multiple sensory issues.

“We believe that everyone deserves a second chance. And sometimes a third,” continued Katharina. Poochie 4

Everyone is excited Poochie is going home and will be given time to decompress before he is evaluated and given any help he might need. Make sure to check out Poochie’s Facebook page as his freedom walk made even the most stoic smile. Sharing the plights of companion animals saves countless lives. Many thanks to Sal Valdapena and all of the advocates for never giving up on Poochie.

(Photos by Sal Valdepena and Paws Worldwide.) To help with Poochie’s care, donations may be sent by clicking here.


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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Bless them for saving Poochie, I’m glad someone who knew how to handle the poor boy was able to save him.

  2. Susan Steele Loughnane says:

    To all the advocates and volunteers in the shelters taking pictures to get these dogs seen, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. It is because of your passion many of these dogs walk out of the shelters into new and loving homes and a real life.


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