The Seager Sagas – we’ve got a talker on our hands!

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Welcome to installment #2 of the “Seager Sagas.” Our rescued German shepherd puppy joined our family in May and it didn’t take long before he showed us that he is a talker. In fact, I think that somewhere hidden in this adorable German shepherd body is the spirit of a husky (we all KNOW how vocal huskies can be).

Within the first few days of Seager’s arrival to our home, I left for an errand and when I got home, I let him out of his crate and we promptly ran out back to ensure that he didn’t have any potty accidents in the house. Seager proceeded to start screaming as soon as I sat down on the back deck with him.

Screaming in a way that I have never heard a puppy scream – in fact, I was pretty sure that he was dying. I proceeded to look in his mouth, run my hands over his body – looking for the source of his obvious pain. After finding out that he was fine, I started to breathe normally once again and worked on getting my heart beat to slow down to an acceptable rate. It turns out that Seager screams for joy when you come home…13179426_10153696578618403_6493750216965228418_n

A few days later, Seager ran down the staircase in the house and upon stepping onto the landing at the bottom, he started screaming and spinning in circles. My kids and I rushed to his side – I thought that maybe I missed him falling and maybe he had a broken leg. The screaming continued for what seemed like hours (more like 2 minutes) while I once again did a full body check to see where he was broken. After examining his legs, hips and feet we discovered a Himalayan cheese “bone” that he apparently stepped on. Crisis averted – we believe that he hurt the pad of his foot when he stepped on his chew. Apparently discomfort means intense screaming when it comes to Seager.

Seager doesn’t scream as loudly as he did the first day when he was overjoyed at my return, but he does yip and spin while making a unique sound that is something like the sound you get while putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth, raising your voice and “twirling” your tongue. Not sure exactly how to explain it…it’s a Seager-ism for sure.

Walks are another story…when Seager walks with me, he is a perfect gentleman. When Seager walks in public or with my husband and our other dog, he sounds like a crazy hyena. No lie…Seager is a head-turner on walks, and not for his good looks. On a recent walk in our neighborhood, he began yipping and screaming so loudly that our neighbor thought that a puppy was dying. Seager was upset that Kurt and our other dog were 18 inches in front of him. At the park, people stop and stare. We went on a popular hiking trail not long ago and I went to the bathroom while my husband sat with Seager and our other shepherd, Chesney. Seager screamed and yipped so much while I was out of his sight that a family sitting nearby shot daggers with their eyes at my poor husband, who they assumed was somehow killing poor innocent Seager.

And we can’t overlook “Sassy Seager.” Yes, this pup talks back like a naughty child. Tell him “no” and he looks right at you and starts barking. Oh boy.

We love this little guy – but he’s a talker. As we often say…thank goodness (and no wonder) puppies are so cute.

Find Installment #1 of the Seager Sagas here.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your Seager with us, it’s been a while since I have had a puppy and at my age most likely will not again (the pup would most likely outlive me) so living vicariously through Seager is a welcome distraction from all the sad stories about dogs lately. I have a female GSD that is a screamer and know the looks you get when they are carrying on like you are killing them. I hope he out grows it, alas my Jordan hasn’t she is going on 6 years old. Seager is one good looking boy though, he is so blessed to have found your family.

  2. Gosh, I hope he outgrows some of those attention getting noises, lol. My Catahoula way, way over reacts to a boo-boo. He sounds like I am killing him and I’m not even in the room. I love him so much. It’s easy to overlook his unusual ways. Thanks for sharing Seager with us. I wish you many years of joy.


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