Sad and terrified puppy

Sad and terrified puppy found under a dumpster

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Update 12/2/16: According to the shelter, there was an ‘overwhelming’ response to Micro’s situation. He is safe and leaving the shelter soon!

A darling puppy is struggling at Arkansas’ Humane Society of the Delta. According to the shelter, the pup, who is now five-months-old, was discovered under a dumpster when he was several weeks old.

Today, inside of his lonely shelter kennel run, he is sad, and terrified – unsure of what has happened to bring him to a place so unfamiliar and lonely. On Tuesday, the shelter posted a video showing the pup’s heartbreaking sadness, along with a few pleading words to find someone to adopt or rescue him:

This little fella is Micro. He is so sad and lonely. He has had a rough start in his short 5 months of life. He was found under a dumpster alone. Can anyone foster or better yet, ADOPT him?

On Wednesday, the shelter provided a bit more information about Micro:

He is 5 months old . He is not sick or injured . He was found under a dumpster when he was several weeks old . Good loving temperament

Micro should not be locked away – he should be snuggled up with his person, chewing on a toy and learning about what it takes to be an amazing companion. Please help Micro find a new family by taking a moment to share his information. Facebook thread here.

Humane Society of the Delta – Helena, Arkansas 870-753-2119 or 870-588-3396

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    • Marla Hess says:

      WANDA, this pet news website is NOT the shelter, they only report stories!! For details, CALL THE SHELTER!! The phone number is right there at the end of the story!!! Jeez.

    • Alice Paulsen says:

      ANYONE who is interested in adopting this beautiful dog PLEASE act Fast! Contact the shelter first to see what they require. Then put a hold on this sweetheart. HERE is a link for some resources to possibly have a rescue pull him / her for you if need be AND some possible transports of him / her to your area…………POSSIBLE TRANSPORTATION TO YOU – FREE – :



      Kindred Hearts Transports ( will transport all over the Unites States for > FREE!!! < You can also find other transports on your states’ Facebook page, just put “transport” at the end of it. For example, I live in PA so I would search for “Pennsylvania Transport” in the search box on Facebook. These pages are filled with people and organizations dedicated to moving and transporting animals to safety and given a second chance in life. ***PLEASE BE CAUTIONED, WARNED, AND PROCEED WITH CAUTION IF GOING WITH TRANSPORTS!!!! DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE HAND!!! It’s sad that we even have to say this, but there are people out there who don’t have these animals’ best interests at heart and can and will take, sell, giveaway, hurt, fight, torture and/or much more. So PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH on all rescues, shelters, organizations, and transports BEFORE putting the animal in that situation.*** With that being said, anyone who may need assistance in finding rescues in you're area, here is an extensive list by state. If you notice a rescue you're familiar with is not listed, please contact the administrators of the page to request it to be added to the list.


      Please contact these animal rescue groups for more information. They are FREE or LOW-COST:
      Under Description: “Delta Animal Rescue Transport” is a group of primarily active and retired Delta Air Lines employees that transport rescued animals to their furever home. This is a completely volunteer service and is completed in the employees’ free time. We are NOT paid for our transport services!!……..
      Please provide us with the following information when requesting transport.

      From (city) to (city)
      Date transport needed
      Animal name, age, breed, weight
      Name of Rescue…/pet-transport-directory/

      Two groups that are nationwide:

      Paws Without Borders is America's FIRST professional cross country pet transport company specializing in both rescue and private transport with over 10,000 passengers to date. Why would you trust anyone else? Book with PWB Transport today!
      Questions: sales@pwbtransport or 909-906-9333
      "Home" Freedom Rides
      Wheels 4 Paws provides emergency transport for shelters across the country. A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing transport for animals coming from rescues and shelters to get to their new home.

  1. Sharon E Rouse says:

    Please God, let Micro find a forever loving home. God Bless this very special person who has room in their heart for Micro.

  2. Trecia Juhnke says:

    Why is he not bing notice.He needs adopted soon and out of this shelter. Praying and sending love for this little guy.please if adopting make sure you can committ to raising this dog his entire.He does not need to be adopted and put through more confusion..


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