Runaway dog gets warm in police vehicle

Runaway dog decides to warm up in police vehicle

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A runaway dog in Tuolumne, California, saw an opportunity to get warm and took advantage of an open door on a police vehicle. On Wednesday, the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office recounted the heartwarming, early morning encounter with the dog for its Facebook followers.

The Sheriff’s Office stated,

Early this morning around 1 A.M., Deputy Hammell spotted a suspicious vehicle in the Tuolumne Market parking lot in Tuolumne. Deputy Hammell left his driver door open and walked up to the vehicle so he could speak with the occupants. Dep. Hammell returned to his patrol car after completing his investigation and found a new passenger named Ruger, sitting in his passenger seat.

Runaway dog finds a warm patrol car

Thankfully, the black Labrador retriever was wearing an identification tag on his collar, so Deputy Hammell as able to have Dispatch locate the owner’s address. While the information was being gathered, Ruger made himself comfortable inside of the warm patrol car.

Deputy Hammell personally drove the wayward runaway back to his home – his owners, who had been looking for their missing dog all evening, were “very pleased” to see that Ruger was safe and sound.

The Sheriff’s Office stated:

We enjoyed having him for a short ride along this morning and are thankful we were able to return him to his family.
Remember if you are lost and see a Law Enforcement Officer they will help you find your way home!

(Photos via Facebook)

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  1. Darla says:

    Ruger, you are too cute! Pretty smart, too, but I’m not surprised as most Labs like to go for rides and will take advantage of an open car door. I’m glad you’re safe and sound with your family. Black Labs Matter.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Obviously, Rugar had been told if he was lost or in trouble to seek out a police officer, I know I always told my kids to do this. Thank you Deputy Hammell for having compassion and helping your passenger to get home to his family.


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