Reward offered – dog paralyzed after being shot

Dog paralyzed after being shot
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A reward has been offered for information leading to the identification, arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for shooting and paralyzing a small dog. According to the Beaufort County Animal Services facility in South Carolina, the grievously injured dog was found on Bruce K Smalls Road in Beaufort.

On Saturday, the animal control agency detailed the extent of the dog’s injuries:

We called Noahs Arks Rescue because it was paralyzed and they asked us to head straight to their neurologist in Charlotte, NC. They had to do emergency surgery last night because a pellet was right on the spinal cord. The doctor said someone shot this dog at close range and it will probably be paralyzed forever.

Noah’s Arks, Beaufort County Animal Services, and Hilton Head Humane are offering a $1,000 reward to help solve this cruel case – anyone with information is asked to call 843-255-5010.

(Photo via Beaufort County Animal Services FB page)


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  1. SMH…… How can anyone be so cruel???

    I have a quadriplegic furbaby & I spend lots of time (& $$$$$) taking him for physical therapy and laser light treatments as well as working with him to exercise (& improve his mobility).

    Based on my sad experiences, this little one will have a very rough road ahead due to some pos…….

    I really hope karma gets the pos who hurt this innocent furbaby……..

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  4. I hope whoever did that to that sweet dog rots in hell!!!!! What a POS coward!!!!! ANIMAL ABUSE HAS GOT TO STOP!!!!! I AM SO SORRY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE WENT THROUGH SWEET PUPPY AND THAT YOU ARE PARALYZED!!!! I hope you get better soon sweet puppy!!!! I am sending you huggs and kisses sweet puppy!!!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!!!!!

  5. We have to be more vocal this is a being not human no soul so this tells me they should not be walking around in our society should be on an island away from all human population I am heartbroken ???? to hear off another causality because Monsters walk our streets
    Time to change the laws time to make it right.Put them in a compound and let them kill each other


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