Retired police K9 stabbed after attacking man

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A retired police canine received fatal stab wounds after he inexplicably attacked a 20-year-old man who had given him water, reported Tuesday’s publication of the Los Angeles Times. The German shepherd, named “Thor,” was wandering in an Eastvale, California, neighborhood on Sunday night when the good Samaritan offered him water.

Shortly thereafter something will terribly awry. According to reports, the dog placed his paws on the man’s chest and then began to viciously attack him. Family members of the man tried to help by kicking and hitting the dog, but it was not enough to halt the attack.

In desperation, the victim’s family members resorted to using steak knives to stab Thor – the injured dog, who was removed from the scene by animal control, had to be euthanized because of the severity of his injuries.

A microchip later revealed his name and that he was once a working canine with the Los Angeles County police force.  The injured man was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

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  1. This is just heartbreaking! Where was this poor dog’s family, It would seem the family had no choice since Thor was attacking like this. Rest in peace Thor and speedy recovery for the poor man who only wanted to help you.

    • I’ve been pondering this whole thing and some people in the neighborhood were interviewed that stated the dog was friendly, that they had earlier given him water and food. There must have been something that sent the dog off into attack mode with this poor man. German Shepherds don’t usually attack without some reason. We certainly can’t read a dog’s mind but what triggered this response from him is anyone’s guess. It’s just sad a retired K9 was left to wander the neighborhood like this and has ultimately paid the ultimate price for it.

  2. So, he was ‘once’ a K9 and now who was responsible for him. What was the dog doing on his own and why?
    Hope the guy recovers quickly.

  3. Once again, humanity failed a K9. There is no way a retired Police K9 should be wondering the streets. He should have been at home being taken care of by his person. Shame on the person that failed him, he should be held responsible. Shame on the system for not checking on him. Hope the man that was attacked recovers quickly.

  4. Being a K9 did not help Thor, who was suppose to be his owner and where was he?? Certainly not watching Thor! I am glad the young man is on the road to recovery such a shame about the dog having to die.


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