Rescuer accused of killing a woman's dog

‘Rescuer’ accused of stealing, drowning woman’s dog after love rejection

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Unrequited love is believed to be the twisted reason for a small dog’s untimely death. According to Sunday’s KSTP News, an animal rescuer is accused of lashing out at another woman, who spurned her romantic advances. Shelly Byzewski, of Minneapolis, claims that 24-year-old Elizabeth “Libby” Osterbauer broke into her home, stole her dog, “Ducky,” and then drowned the dog.

According to a witness, Osterbauer took the three-year-old miniature Pincher to a wildlife area and stomped on him before drowning the dog in a marsh. The allegations have led to an arrest and charges – according to the Star Tribune, Osterbauer, owner of the Minneapolis-based Close to Home Canine Rescue, LLC, was jailed on charges of burglary and cruelty to animals.

Byzewski also alleges that her vehicle, and home, were vandalized by Osterbauer after she was told that her romantic feelings were one-sided. She has stated that Osterbauer’s outlandish behavior, which allegedly included stalking, got so bad that she had to temporarily move out of the state.

Byzewski’s dog’s remains have never been found.

(Photo screenshot via Star Tribune)


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  1. Deborah J. says:

    I want the stupid crazied fool went out of her way to stomp and drown a small dog be jailed for a very long time! No animal should have to endure such cruelty as what that fool inflicted on that poor little dog. That small dog did NOTHING to that crazied fool! Make it happen. Put that fool in jail!

  2. ellen cottone says:

    she only rescued animals so she can abuse,torcher and kill some of them and has been killing living things since she was 5

  3. Edward says:

    That hurts me very much very very much get my baseball spikes on clapped her face until eyes pop out of her head 2 dry ice in and put them all over the body let it melt and scream in agony as she slowly but surely collapsing it to you know where or should we get them let’s see where they call themselves The Law and Order and I’ll give her a $200 fine and a slap on the wrist yeah that’s what I thought not really or maybe next he’ll take a child stop that child to death oh my God thank you for Donald Trump


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