Real life Grinch steals family’s presents and puppy

Puppy stolen
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A real life Grinch broke into a Phoenix, Arizona, family’s home this week and stole their Christmas presents, as well as their new puppy. According to AZ Family, the dastardly deed took place on Tuesday morning, sometime after 8:30.

When the family returned home after dropping their daughter off at school, they discovered that their home had been ransacked, multiple items were missing, and their new puppy, “Rosa,”  a four-pound Cavapoo (King Charles Cavalier-Poodle mix), was nowhere to be found.

Raghuram Vadarevu has reported the break-in to the local authorities…he was told that it’s common for thieves to steal puppies like Rosa and try to sell them on Craiglist. The family, who rightfully feels violated by the bold intrusion, wants nothing more than to have Rosa back home – safe and sound. A $1,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the puppy’s safe return.

(Photo Raghuram Vadarevu)

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  1. How CRUEL! Does this A-hole know that he needn’t steal anybody’s gifts…& puppy! ??? Seriously, this family must b devastated, I certainly would b! And btw a-hole, MANY…MANY DOGS IN SHELTERZ! U NEEDN’T BREAK A CHILD’S HEART!!!????????????

  2. I am so sorry that has happened! I hope you get your puppy back!!! It is bad enough to have a stranger violate your home, but to take your puppy on top of that really is sad. Praying you do get your puppy back, can’t put a price on something you love.

  3. Stealing gifts is one thing, but stealing their puppy is quite another! It’s like stealing a child! Whoever did this is heartless. Not only did they break a child’s heart, they put that puppy at risk, too.

  4. Douchebag to steal presence is one thing but to take a child puppy is unacceptable bring back the puppy before Bad Karma comes to you and you don’t want my buddy plumber there and I’m not f****** around if I was in Arizona that f****** track you down and beat the living f*** out of you low life piece of s*** to do the right thing it back that puppy

  5. Please find this poor baby and get her back home where she belongs. The people responsible are scum. Should be put out of our misery.


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