Quarterback suspended for allegedly beating dog

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The quarterback for Missouri State has been “indefinitely” suspended following allegations that he beat a dog so severely that the dog’s jaw was broken and several teeth damaged badly enough that they had to be pulled, reported Friday’s USA Today.

The college athlete accused of the cruel crime has been identified as Breck Ruddick a redshirt sophomore. The suspension follows a damning Facebook post made Friday afternoon by a friend of the dog’s owner (click here to read). The dog allegedly injured by Ruddick is a 42-pound Australian shepherd named “Luca.”


According to the Facebook post, Ruddick “lost his cool,” hit the dog and then let the wounded dog run free. The dog’s owner was allegedly only told that Luca had run away – the wounded dog was found the next day, “bleeding profusely,” and had to undergo surgery for a fracture jaw and the removal of six teeth.

The football team has decided to suspend the accused animal abuser  “until the situation is resolved.” Nearly 15,000 people have signed a petition asking for Ruddick to be permanently removed from the football team (click here to read more).

(Luca photo via Facebook)

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  1. Anyone who can be cruel too any animal is definitely not a person to be trusted they have a hateful personality and animals can sense this a smile on your face does not mean that you are a nice person. I would not trust with a person much less an animal that is defenceless against abuse hope he’s not married feel sorry for his wife.

  2. Wow !!! We finally have a Caucasian Professional Football Scumbag ( who things he is so Damn Popular, Self-Important and THE MAN)!!! that he can maim, injure, brutalize a helpless & defenseless 40 pound dog and Still BE THE MAN!!! NOT so I am elated that the authorities at this college Suspended this PUKE and I hope it is forever!!! No second Chances!!!

  3. I agree with permanently suspending this ass from football he almost killed this poor dog he’s no better than Michael Vick .There’s just no exuse for that kind of sick behavior.

  4. This Guy Needs to be disbarred from All Sports for LIFE!!!! He is a person how will be so “SELF INFLATED” he will become abusive to more and more animals , girlfriends, children, homeless, elderly!!! Why BECAUSE HE IS WHO HE IS!!!! The MAN OF IMPORTANCE!!!!

  5. He meeds more than Suspended from football team! He is an ABUSER,CAPABLE OF assaulting a DEFENSELESS 42 lound dog! What a COWARD! HE SHOWS LACK OF INTEGRITY BY LETTING DOG LOOSE TO TRY TO COVER UP HIS ASSAULT! He needs to be held Accountable for his Actions! Needs to be made to pay for ALL MEDICAL BILLS, LIFETIME BAN of own/working with animals, & his name on a National Animal Abuse Registry!!

  6. He should be put in jail and have prisoners take care of this fucking bastard. He should be suspended for life from football !!

  7. I am so sick of these “entitled” POS football players! He best be held accountable for this and pay all the bills this poor woman’s dog has incurred! Beating the poor thing and then letting him loose bleeding, it’s lucky Luca was found and not killed by a car or bled to death! He is a thug and doesn’t need to be on the football team! Best of luck for the dog’s owner perusing charges against this low life he belongs in jail not on a college football team!

  8. I personally feel that his savage beating of a 42# dog (who knew and felt safe with him) deserves more punishment than removal from the football team. I know how dedicated to the sport these players are and Mr. Ruffick will undoubtedly be upset and angry if his ouster comes to fruition. Having said that, this is a young man with severe anger issues. He is 200# and used extreme force to injure Luca. A dog’s jaw is both strong and resilient and for Luca’s to have been shattered is frightening. Ruddick needs to be punished beyond removal from a school sport team; there must be legal consequences for this abhorrent abuse of a defenseless animal. He also should be required to pay all veterinary costs. We as a society must bring pressure on our governments to enact and enforce stricter laws and harsher penalties for animal abuse as it’s becoming worse instead of better.

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