Puppy’s rear paws hacked off by vet student using dog as practice

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A puppy’s rear paws were amputated by a vet student who used the dog as a practice patient in Miramar Beach in Goa, India. Prince, a 14-month-old mixed breed was discovered crying in a flooded field as a puppy; he had been hiding under a bush when found by a Good Samaritan.prince-the-dog-with-no-hind-paws-2

And thus began the story of hope for Prince; a defenseless little puppy who was rescued by a man walking his own dog when the shocking discovery was made. According to the Daily Mail, British tourist Chris Holmyard picked up the puppy and took him to the local animal shelter where a veterinarian examining the sweet pooch believed the suspicious injury and the clean amputation of his rear paws indicated it had been done by a vet trainee.

“The next day I took the puppy to the Animal Hospital in Campal and the vet agreed. She said it looked so purposeful it was probably an amputation by someone who was practicing to become a vet,” stated Chris. “It was so tragic he was abandoned afterwards.”

Back at the shelter, the puppy’s rear paws had started to heal, and Chris had no intentions of taking the puppy home until he noticed Prince had been losing weight and was covered in fleas and ticks. After three weeks, Chris  took the puppy away and brought him back to the vet who urged Chris to humanely euthanize Prince since his quality of life had deteriorated, and what could be his chances of ever being adopted?prince-the-dog-with-no-hind-paws-3

Chris wouldn’t give up, and nursed the dog back to health. He is now preparing to move back to the United Kingdom and is raising the funds to transport Prince and get him a special wheelchair.

(Photos of rear paws via Daily Mail screenshots and Caters)

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Check out Prince’s video here…. such a determined pooch!



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  1. maxiemom says:

    It is despicable enough to use a puppy in such a heinous manner, especially if you are going to be a vet, although the ‘person’ might have been practicing to become a human doctor: remember Bill Frist adopted 50 or more cats from Boston’s animal shelters to ‘practice’ on them for becoming a heart surgeon, AFTER befriending them first (saying they were ‘strays’ was supposed to have made it alright). To abandon the dog like this afterward is just disgusting. To think this creature wants to be a doctor of ANY kind is frightening.

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    The TOTAL BASTARD should live LONG enough to BECOME A VETINERARY !!! What about compassion, saving lives!!! GOOD GOD maiming and then discarding a helpless dog like that is AMORAL <<<< The Human Trash that did this horrific deed( be it man or woman) needs to Vanish!!! Sadly to say though it will just be brushed aside by the authorities ( after all it's just a dog) I am so thankful the person that has moral and ethical standards to assist in helping and saving this wonderful little dog 1

  3. edward says:

    Dear future that I think that’s a great idea let me get my chainsaw and cut your f****** head off I need to be practicing for a medical student doctor type you better pray I never find you you piece of s***

    • LaffingGravy says:

      Yeh. I was thinking just about the same thing – that some med student gets a hold of this prick and saws his hands and feet off.

  4. Frances Romano says:

    The mere fact anyone could commit such a heinous act proves they should never be allowed to become a veterinarian! I hope Prince and Chris are safely in the U.K. and Prince has a happy life.

  5. Marissa says:

    How can anyone commit such a horrible act on an innocent puppy or on any animal. Your going to mutilate a totally healthy puppy to save another, how in the hell does that make sense ? It makes one want to practice on the wanna be vet. And I hope this wanna be never gets a license to practice on this planet. Prayers for this poor puppy…

  6. Lloyd says:

    Just Find Him and Kill him~!!! After hacking his feet off first~!!!
    An Eye For An Eye~!!!! IT’S the only way to stop ABUSE~!!!!


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