Puppy suffers heat stroke after being left tied to tree

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A puppy is fighting to survive after he was left tied to a tree, without shelter from the sun, or life-saving water, in Indiana. According to Every Dog Counts Rescue, the pup’s  temperature had climbed to 106 degrees by the time that he was discovered by animal control.

The ailing pup, dubbed “Tucker,” was taken to VCA hospital where he has been fighting for his life for the past four days. The expenses stemming from the efforts to keep Tucker alive are steadily growing – in fact, they have climbed into the thousands.

The rescue agency has started a fundraiser to help offset the expenses for Tucker’s veterinary care. Please click here to help support Tucker. Individuals who prefer to call the veterinary hospital directly can phone VCA W 86th:  317-872-0200 (Please indicate to veterinary staff that the donation is for Tucker with Every Dog Counts Rescue).

Find Every Dog Counts Rescue on Facebook at this link.


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