Puppy left to die in a ditch: ‘I just can’t go on any longer’

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In Columbus City, North Carolina, had it not been for a Good Samaritan who found a stray, tortured puppy left to die in a ditch, Rayna would have been another tragic statistic of animal cruelty and abuse. Just ten-months old, no one knows how long she languished on the side of the road before a compassionate person stopped to embrace a defenseless puppy left to die and immediately transported her to the nearby shelter.rayna-cover

When Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were called by the shelter for assistance, co-founder Stacey Silverstein wasted no time, and with the aid of nearby volunteers and advocates, transported Rayna to the organization’s partner veterinarian hospital for emergency treatment. On the rescue organization’s Facebook page, Stacey tearfully described Rayna’s situation:rayna-3

“We immediately got a call to help as Rayna is in very critical condition. Besides her medical condition, this baby’s mental condition is also at risk, as she’s completely withdrawn from all human contact … As if to say ‘I just can’t go on any longer.’ Rayna is only 10 months old. We must turn her life around at this very moment by giving her top notch medical care and tons of TLC and human affection. Her condition is very poor.”

Rayna’s medical and emotional status will continue to be updated by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.  For now, donations are needed to help this dog receive the best help available. Donations can be made by clicking here.  Direct paypal: [email protected]

(Photos: Puppy left to die in a ditch via Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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  1. Hey what happened to you I mean know you that much but Dirtbag it take a 10 month old puppy and the condition that it looks in the medically and physically and spiritually do not even even being there a piece of s*** man or woman just remember a******, that b**** good luck buddy great job by Rock rescue was always

  2. Who does this to poor, defenseless puppy? A sub-human, worthless pile of crap who doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us, that’s who. Poor Rayna. I hope she can make a full recovery, both mentally and physically.

  3. Even back in 1948, there was a line in Orson Welles film “The Stranger” that “someone who could do this to a dog should be charged the same as if they’d done it to a human.” As far as I’m concerned, it’s the same thing.” Welles was such a visionary…………..

  4. I am a Born American and have been proud to say that for 67 years!!! My Grandpa, Dad, Uncle all fought for the FREEDOM of OUR COUNTRY in WW1 & WWII ! They would be sickened at the way things have deteriorated OVER the LAST COUPLE of DECADES !!! DRUGS , INDEFERENCE , THE LOSS OF TWO PARENT FAMILIES, SPIRTUAL NEGLECT , have all been big contributors to this major change!!! Our Government Local, State, National SERIOUSLY needs to get their POLITICAL HEAD”S OUT of the DARK ORFICE and start making CHANGES to help in ASSISTING the SEVERE ISSUES WE HAVE with HELPING our STRAY<ABUSED< NEGLECTED<PET population INSTEAD of THE HIGH KILL SHELTER OPTION!!!! There also has to BE ACCOUNTABILITY and SERIOUS PRISON TIME FOR DOG FIGHTING RINGS, ANIMAL ABUSERS PUPPY MILL BREEDERS.. I believe some STATE Agencies just want to close their eyes and pretend this doesn't exist , other's are lazy, and YES some of these office's are INVOLVED!!! KICK BACKS & EXTRAMONEY IN THEIR OWN POCKETS… SAD But TRUE!!!!!

  5. Agree,whoever allowed or did this needs taste of their very own medicine and be locked up forever,unfit to be free among society.Human defect all the way!Must pay !Hope their karma meets up with them A.S.P.!!!!!!!!!


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