Puppy died after teens shot off firecracker in her face

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In a disturbing act of animal cruelty, a young pit bull puppy died after she was hit by a car running away from abusive teenagers who exploded a firecracker in front of the puppy’s face. According to the Metro, the heartbreaking attack occurred in Tlaquepaque, Mexico.

Pic shows: The injured dog.nnThis tragic video shows the in vain attempt to save the life of a pitbull puppy who had a firework shot into her eye by teenagers and who was then run over by a car when she tried to run away in pain and terror.nnThe video shows the dog being carried on a blanket and placed into a car with horrific head injuries caused by the firework as well as massive internal injuries caused by the car from which she later died.nnIt was shot in the colony of Salvador Portillo Lopez, in the city of Tlaquepaque, in the western Mexican state of Jalisco.nnAnimal organization Croqueton GDL members with those that rescue the animal after getting an alert from members of the public about what had happened, and together they took it on the blanket to the vets surgery.nnThe organization published the information about the health state of the injured dog and even shared the moment it was transferred inside a car with the bloody eye after the firework attack.nnA spokesman said: ""Unfortunately, the dog did not manage to fight of her injuries and went into shock resulting from a massive internal haemorrhage.nn"For those who have just seen these images, this dog was victim of abuse by a group of teenagers who shot a firework into its eye. Terrified, it ran off in a blind panic and was run over."nnThey said that locals had maintained a wall of silence about who was to blame, and had refused even to officially report it although one person had called them to warn them the dog was in need of help.nnNetizen "Elizabeth Zuniga" wrote: "Then parents wonder why their kids are murderers and are in jail! If since they are kids they are not taught to respect and take care of animals. So helpless and that cannot defend by their own! But God will do justice with these kind of kids that only caused bad, they are the future criminals of this country, if they do not stop with a small animal, if they do not feel guilty, they will not feel badly in future."nn"Va

Croqueton GDL, a rescue organization in Guadalojara, rushed out to save the puppy. When they found her, they wrapped her in a blanket and carried her to a veterinarian where she died as a result of internal hemorrhaging after having gone into shock. Since then the photos have gone viral resulting in outrage as her heartbreaking story continues to circulate through social media. The announcement on the organization’s Facebook page told more of the story:

“For those who have just seen these images, this dog was a victim of abuse by a group of teenagers who shot a firework into her eye. Terrified she ran off in a blind panic and was run over.”

It is still unknown if authorities have been investigating the case.

(Photos of puppy died via Facebook and the Metro)

Rest in peace innocent little puppy. Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.


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  1. Melanie says:

    Omg,how cruel.. Evil kids..I hope they are punished to the fullest..they think this is funny,sad that these kids need to be punished.. I pray for you little puppy..rest in peace

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    You can Pretty Much figure that answer out for yourself… if you have been to Mexico… Uncaring… Hell the parents probably could care less about what their Buzzard Vomit Teenage Hoodlums did , have done, and will continue to do in the future abuse wise, next it will be children, and elders. they maim, torture, and murder!!! The ones that influx into the US are doing the same thing here…. DAH ! Does ANYONE think the authorities are looking at the SERIOUSLY!!!

  3. Dee says:

    Nothing will be done to those kids and they will continue to do it. I wish them bad things. . poor innocent baby. Wish we could just take all the pets out of those places and alter whats left. Then when people want a pet. Good luck getting a pet cause you will have to jump thru hoops to get a pet and show the proper people you can afford to have a pet. If you abuse it in any way we will take it away from you

  4. maxiemom says:

    IF they’re investigating the case? They have a group of sociopaths running loose who need to be hanged. They’d better be, else they’ll continue to find victims, both animal and human. GD filth!

  5. Edward says:

    dear teenagers from Mexico Happy New Year how to take a firecracker actually in a cherry bomb M80 and put in your mouth and blow your throat out Detroit ice cubes with new your eyelids burn your eyes out you can never heard anything again and then put a cherry bomb in your ass and blow your ass apart 10 laugh my ass off so f****** hard Converse a bit should be coming for you little f***** God bless you puppy I’m sorry you had such trash to be abused by question piece

  6. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    que l’on retrouve ces sous merde et qu’on leurs fasses payer leurs barbarie envers se pauvre loulou, se sont des parasites pour la société. Pas de pitié pour ces assassins.

  7. Scott Rondeau says:

    RIP poor baby!! Karma plus a 1 way express ticket to BURN IN HELL to ALL worthless lowlife scumbag bastard asshole trash responsible for allowing and participating in his heinous horrific unjustified intentional cruelty plus murder of an innocent life!!!!


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