Puppies found tarred to a road in Romania

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Four defenseless puppies were found in a northeastern Romania city covered in hot tar and left in the sun to die along a country road, reports the Daily Mail. Tarred puppies

It is now feared an unknown culprit has been intentionally torturing dogs; two more puppies were found  under similar circumstances less than two months ago under similar circumstances. The puppies, dubbed Ava and Ada had been abandoned lying on a piece of cardboard. They were rescued by the Sky Foundation for Animal Rights. During the previous incident, it was disheartening to hear a police officer tell the rescuers he had no intention of “wasting his time” investigating the crime.

In this latest case, veterinarian Sorin Puiu was able to anesthetize the puppies and clean them up. Tarred puppies 2 Although still listed in serious condition, the pups are expected to survive and will be available for adoption when they are well.

As Romania continues to struggle with their economy, animal cruelty, abuse and neglect continue. Read more here.

Information about the Sky Foundation can be found here.

(Photos screenshots via the Daily Mail)


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  1. All the Balkan States are a living hell for animals. The Grrman organisation Four Paws and the Italian organisation Save the Dogs do so much good work in Romania but it’s an uphill climb all the way.

  2. The dirt bag in Romania be a man and turn yourself in like that you I’m going to freaking tar and feather you and he’s not going to be pretty you a****** we have to get some protection for every state every country around was it’s a horrible horrible scene I can’t believe I just looked at puppies held down by car the fence has puppies still bothering nobody I wish you be a real man to turn yourself and scumbag God I wish you’d be a real man to pick on somebody your own size you piece of s***

  3. If it is true Romania is starvin if it is true Romania is starving their economy sucks then all them bastards to do this to animals need to have the same tar and laid in the street just like whoever did these puppies I hope whoever did this has a painful agonizing death slowly but surely if I was to ever see you or catch anyone doing that you might as well lock me up cuz I’m going to kill yo if I was to ever see you or catch anyone doing that you might as well lock me out cuz I’m going to kill your f****** ass slowly but surely

  4. It’s horrible to see such incidents occurring all over the world. There are many people even in my surrounding who don’t oppose such incidents rather appreciate. It seems like i am living in a world of Monsters who don’t have any sympathy or pain for any other creatures.

  5. struggle with their economy, so that’s why it happens? has nothing to do with it the psychopaths are all over the world and all should be lined up and killed

  6. Then we have Them immigrating to the USA in droves SO they can practice a little more abuse here and get away with it too!!! Wow our world is becoming one sick planet!!

  7. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

    Mahatma Gandhi

    I guess this explains why Romania and the Balkan States are doing as well as they are.

      • You are absolutely right….we have horrible animal abuse stories everyday that originate right here in the good old U S of A….actually there are many countries that have much stiffer abuse laws than we do here…and actually we’re not united states as each state has there own laws…..like you can smoke weed in some and go to jail in another for the same thing…sounds united, huh? Absolutely, no one should judge Romania due to the actions of one sick-o……I’m sure they just posted that ignorance out of anger. Na sad ot to mention ..here in the US thousands of dogs and cats are euthanized daily due to ignorant people not spaying or neutering their pet…or just giving to the shelter because it got too expensive or they didn’t want to watch it die, or they just didn’t care anymore…whatever the reasons, it’s disgusting and I would expect more from our country, but it isn’t going to happen. I’m sorry you were offended .


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