Puppies abandoned in Arkansas driveway

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Not long ago, a litter of adorable, young puppies was abandoned in someone’s driveway in Arkansas. Fortunately for the discarded pups, a safe haven was close at hand. Janice Wolf, founder of Rocky Ridge Refuge, was contacted and she agreed to take the abandoned puppies in.

One of the puppies was sick when he arrived – his sickness turned out to be Parvo. In short order, the other puppies came down with the deadly virus, but Wolf treated them and all, and miraculously, they recovered.

Being abandoned and coming down with a deadly virus were not the pups’ only hurdles…one was bitten by a rattlesnake, but amazingly, survived.

13716209_1166148020093812_8728784137034259710_nIt was not smooth sailing at the beginning of these pups’ journey, but they have managed to overcome their difficult beginning and today, they are all ready and waiting for new, loving homes.

On Monday, a post was made to Facebook on behalf of these adorable puppies:

They are now 3 months old and available for adoption soon! Please e-mail me at lurch372003@yahoo.com for an application if interested. I do adopt out of state!

Note: Puppies are believed to be Cocker spaniel mixes and should be medium size when full grown. All are located in Arkansas – please email lurch372003@yahoo.com for more information.


(Photos via Rocky Ridge Refuge)

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  1. Penny Jacobson says:

    At the very least the Riff-Raff irresponsible individual that didn’t spay/neuter their pets DIDN”T KILL the pups and placed them where they were FOUND IN TIME and GIVEN A SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE and LOVING HOMES!!!! I am grateful to the Rocky Ridge Refuge and Penny EIMS for posting this story of Survival !!!!


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