Pup with advanced mange suffered every day until his rescue

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In Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, a stray dog was so miserable, he suffered every moment of his young life. Infected with advanced sarcoptic mange, the maddening itch consumed his life as he constantly stopped to scratch and cry from the pain. Dubbed Jerry, area residents described the heartbreaking situation:jerry-the-mange-dog-2

“Jerry kept his head low, his tail motionless and pulled close to his body while running, always running, stopping only to scratch and bite at himself and then running again,” the organization posted on their Facebook page to their followers.

When rescued by Animal Aid Unlimited, Jerry was close to death. Volunteers gently lifted him up and brought him back to the organization’s emergency veterinary clinic where treatment immediately commenced. His life literally unfolded as several therapeutic daily baths soothed the terrible itch and antibiotics attacked the secondary infections that brought so much pain and agony to a puppy who had been neglected since the day he was born.

After the first three days of Jerry’s treatment, his mood quickly improved, although he never growled nor snarled at anyone during his five weeks of intensive treatment.

 “Jerry seemed to be ‘saying please help me’. What joy it gave us to say ‘yes’ to Jerry and the 30 other dogs recovering from mange in Animal Aid Unlimited today,” the organization posted along with Jerry’s photo showing the remarkable transformation.jerry-the-mange-dog-4

To help more dogs at Animal Aid Unlimited, donations can be made by clicking here.

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  1. susispot says:

    They are a special group. I wish I had the money to help them help more dogs. I trust they are worthy of all the help we can send their way.


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