Promised a lifetime of care, 12-year-old ‘min-pin’ too old to love

Aged to perfection, a well-behaved miniature Pinscher named Tess spent 12 years with her family. Promised a lifetime of love and care, what could have prepared a blind and nearly deaf senior to be unceremoniously surrendered to an animal shelter because her family relocated, and there was no need for Tess?

At the Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center, the staff and volunteers are eager to champion her cause with the following stellar description:

“Now Tess is as well balanced as they come. She gets along with everyone and everything. She’s house trained. She’s a perfect little lady. She’s in very good health. She doesn’t cause a fuss about anything.”

Sadly, Tess is so confused. What happened to the arms who used to hug her, and what about all those familiar smells? Fortunately, Tess is in a foster home, but she needs a home of her own – a home where she will never be left alone again. To add to her glowing resume, Tess likes children, likes other dogs and is not bothered by cats.

 “She’s just a really good girl that is simply heart broken. Tess spent the whole time I was taking her pictures with her nose turned to the wind. I can only imagine what she was searching for in the breeze,” her advocate posted on Facebook.
Can you promise Tess a life of no more changes? If so, please call Virginia Beach Animal Care and Adoption Center at 757-385-4444 (x2) and tell them you’d like to meet Tess (1609-1549) as she’s currently in a foster home waiting for someone to give her a family to call her own. Follow Tess’ Facebook page here.




  1. Penny's Dachshund
    Penny's Dachshund says:

    Hope THEY DON”T have ELDERLY they may relinquish THEM to the Crematory before they EXPIRE!!! What the hell is with OUR SOCIETY anymore NOTHING IS CHERISHED!!!!


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