Preteen hunter’s Facebook photos of exotic animal kills causes worldwide outrage

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A 12-year-old hunter from Cove, Utah who has been posting photos of herself on Facebook with dead exotic animals she recently hunted and killed, has created worldwide outrage as well as receiving death threats, reports the SF Gate.Aryanna Gourdin giraffe

On a recent African safari, Aryanna  Gourdin, accompanied by her father Eli Gourdin, posted images on her Facebook page, entitled Braids and Bows, which shows  the preteen proudly smiling as she stands next to a dead giraffe holding the animal’s head up. Also included in her recent “kills” were photos of a dead zebra, an antelope, a wildebeest and a bear. She uses both a rifle or a crossbow when hunting and has been taking hunting trips for the last five years. Aryanna Gourdin giraffe 2 Her hunting repertoire also includs North American animals including deer and bears. One photo showed a photo of a dead bear she shot in Utah.

Since posting the photos, Aryanna has been receiving angry comments and death threats. Comments similar to:

“Thanks for reminding me that stupid people still exist… Please consider using that thing in your head next time, that what we call a Brain,” one person posted under the photo of the child crouching over a dead zebra.

Another person wrote,

“Another piece of s***. Everybody made her famous.”

And one more among thousands and thousands reflecting similar sentiments:

“Not every single human, only small brains I think. It is exciting to see a small girl having the balls to post all this and laugh about all this ****storm. But in fact of all, this picture is quiet terrible. Never put a foot on the game young lady. This is respectless to the animal…”

Aryanna Gourdin 2

Those who are defending the girl state she is helping with conservation efforts; one source cited the giraffe had been a danger, and it had been eating up valuable resources other giraffes needed for survival. According to Good Morning America, Gourdin’s father stated the giraffe’s meat had been donated to a local orphanage, although there were no photos of the “800” orphans – either being fed or starving. As to the photo of Aryanna standing with her foot on the dead animal she stated:

“It’s something I cherish and enjoy and I want other people to see what I experienced.”

Does the young huntress remind one of the controversy associated with Walter Palmer, the dentist who killed Cecil the lion in July 2015? Ah, another game hunter in the making claiming animal conservation. Why not ask the giraffe, zebra or other animals you killed – all mixed up in the rhetoric ” if it was good for the animals”?

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  1. Another stupid ‘airhead’ that kill to have fun,you’re not only reckless and disrespectful of nature but, you will be a sociopath as an adult (for sure) because, you don’t comprehend (and you don’t want) what you’re doing;and your father don’t help either,so; wish you have a very close encounter with nature that make you understand(give you a clue)your place in life?…

    • I agree! Animals that are used for food should be killed humanely and with respect to the animal, not killed for sport and “enjoyment.” These people are barbarians!

  2. How pathetic that someone, particularly a young person, gets so much pleasure, and pride, from taking the lives of others, who enjoy their one life and want to continue living. The epitome of selfishness.

    • iagree and these pp;l are stupid they post these pics and think noone will be against it ? maybe she should grow a brain and keep her animal kills to her self instead of posting that way noone will ever know that sick ppl esp that age exist cause she contradicts herself she kills animals yet gives the money to conservations really shows hows her iq

  3. I am sorry, this is horrific to look at. Why would you be so happy that you did this, plus put your foot on the animal. Bad enough you killed it. I pray they did not suffer.

  4. I hope the uproar is giving this little twit a reality check. Killing for sport is NOT seen as fun by those that love God’s most beautiful animals. He did not put them here to be butchered for entertainment. She’s a murderer, and needs to be told so.

  5. The parents of this teen are not worthy to be parents that teach to kill God’s beautiful creatures and then praise themselves on social media. This teen will grow up in comfort of knowing that this evil doing is a good thing to do. If this teen becomes a parent, she will instill this evil in her kids. This family is eat up in evil and the proof is in the pictures they post. You reap what you sow!!!

  6. She is just a pawn in a scheme by Mark Martineau and her disgusting father (The one with a meth lab conviction and multiple poaching convictions as well) to enhance their hunting image. Guess it didn’t work out the way they thought. Now most legitimate ethical hunters won’t support these two men or the propped up 12 year old either, and with good reason. These two men are so full of themselves they are quite literally delusional.

    • thank you mark for the expose. i will keep my comments inside my pen today. your info has put me at ease.
      The molten flood of words from the valcano of rage have been quelled by the cool waters of your calming words and truth.
      one look at this girl and i was almost on defcon freak out. thank you for takin care of that for me, i can see now that they are being punished and scrabbling to rewrite the facts. im happy they are beginning to suffer. nice work! my head ache with pictures is gone. thank you for that.
      your friend El


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