Police rescue ‘burrito’ kitten

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An adorable little “burrito” kitten is safe today thanks to the efforts of some ingenious and determined police officers in Parlier, California. You may wonder, why a “burrito,” kitten? Good question – the kitten in question was trapped in a drainage pipe Monday morning.

Officers Jimenez and Corona, with the Parlier Police Department, took advantage of the kitten’s hungry tummy and enticed him (or her?) to come to them with a partially eaten burrito…as well as a bit of meowing.


The officers got a bit dirty, but their burrito coaxing efforts were a success – the kitten was rescued and is now safe in the custody of the Parlier Animal Control.

The little kitten will not have to sit and wait at the animal control agency for long – according to the department, Officer Corona is hoping to adopt the little one and name him (or her) “Burrito.” Well done officers, well done!

Watch the officers at work in the video below.

Posted by Parlier Police Department on Monday, September 12, 2016

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