Police officers comfort frightened, injured stray dogs

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Two deputies, with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, recently helped comfort two frightened stray dogs, one of whom was injured. The heartwarming interaction was recounted on October 27 to Facebook followers of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

The post reads:

OCSO in Action:
Our deputies serve and protect the most vulnerable in our society, and often that includes animals.
Early Thursday morning, two Squad 10 deputies from Sector 4 came upon two sweet-natured pitbulls–one had been injured and they both were scared.

The dogs were rescued from the middle of the road near South Orange and Oakridge Avenues – thanks to a citizen who was nearby capturing photos, the touching interaction was documented.


The kind deputies in the photos are Deputy Boggs and Deputy Reed. The person who took the photos wrote,

“The deputies stood by with the dogs until Animal Services arrived and they even applied gauze to the injured dog’s leg to stop the heavy bleeding. “These pictures I took depict a loving nature from our deputies and will tug at any animal lover’s heart strings. Thank you.”

The dogs were taken to the Orange County Animal Services facility where they are still waiting to be claimed or adopted. The sheriff’s office is still doing their part to help these stray dogs. On November 1, the Facebook page shared the dogs’ photos and wrote:

To all of our Facebook followers:
Here are the doggies that OCSO Deputy Reed and Deputy Boggs rescued from a busy intersection early Thursday morning.
Please contact the Orange County Animal Services if you are interested in adopting sweet Liberty or Justice!

Officers comfort 2 stray dogs

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  1. pennysdachshund says:

    One chance In a Million to be helped in Florida get OUT from the shelter ALIVE !!!! Also Two Good EGGS those two Police Officers Are for assisting IN a CARING FASHION … It is hard to overcome the Surmounting Negativity because of the way so Many Police have been shown to treat animals , But these two are attempting TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!


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