Police officer risks life to save dog who fell through ice

Officer saved dog who fell through the ice
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A dog in Long Beach, Indiana, narrowly escaped death after falling through an ice-covered lake on Monday afternoon. According to the South Bend Tribune, the nine-year-old golden retriever mix, named “Nelson,” had already lost the ability to use his rear legs when his hero, Lt. Todd Bullis, with the Long Beach Police Department, arrived to save the day.

Lt. Bullis responded to the call for help after Nelson’s owner, Elizabeth Lutterbach, called 9-1-1 to report that her dog had fallen through the ice on Lake Claire. Getting to the partially submerged dog was no easy feat – in fact, Lt. Bullis had to trek through heavy brush in order to access the dog.

Lt. Bullis had to enter the frigid, waist-deep water in order to reach Nelson – despite the less than ideal conditions, Bullis successfully carried the soggy, cold dog back to dry ground. The dog’s time in the cold water had taken a toll…by the time he arrived to an area veterinary hospital, he was nearly in shock. Thanks to veterinary intervention, Nelson’s body temperature returned to normal and he is expected to recover.

His hero, Lt. Bullis, was checked out of hypothermia as well – the dedicated officer returned to duty after a much needed (and well-deserved) hot shower.


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  1. The next time we are ready to condemn the whole lot of police officers for the ones that shoot dogs, let’s try to remember officer Lt. Bullis . For every bad one there are 10 like him that go above and beyond for our furry children. Nelson and Nelson’s owner, Elizabeth Lutterbach owe a big debt of gratitude to Lt. Bullis for his selfless action in saving a dog in big trouble. Lt Bullis you are a hero!

  2. Thank u to the police officer…& MILLIONZ! LOVE U, JUST FOR GIVING A DAMN! I know this kinda guy…doesn’t think, just reacts! Like I said, LOVE U! THANK U! Now, this poor dog, I’m grateful he’s to recover, but I’m curious of 2 items, please? First, how did precious lose use in legs? (From ice accident? ) and did he have a HOME? If so, what the H— happened? If not, what is to happen to him? THANK U!

  3. This Officer Deserves the recognition of a True HERO AS HE COULD HAVE lost his OWN life in risking the rescue!!!! I am sure the family is Happy that their god made it thru this in Survived…. Merry Christmas to ALL of Them!!!


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