Police officer rescues dog then gives her a home

Police officer rescues dog, then gives her a home

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A police officer in Queens, New York, rescued a young dog from a run-down, abandoned building in Jamaica, and then later, gave the same dog a forever home. According to Saturday’s publication of the New York Daily News, the pup’s hero is New York police officer Joshua Sailor.

Sailor told the Daily News that he knew there was something special about the young dog from the time that he met her back on September 30 – he said, “She ran right up to me. I realized that this dog needed a lot of love and I have a lot of love to give.”

The pup, dubbed “Mila,” was taken to the ASPCA for care after officers removed her from the chain which kept her tethered inside of the building. When the young dog first arrived, she was malnourished and her nail beds were bloodied from her attempts to get free from her chain – but with the care of the ASPCA staff, she recuperated.

Officer Sailor went to visit Mila a short time after the rescue, he was so taken by her (and she apparently with him) that there was no doubt that she would be coming home with the man who played a part in her rescue. He told the NY Daily News, “I’ll admit I got a little choked up. I said, ‘That’s it, she’s coming home with me.’”

(Photo NY Daily News)

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  1. pennysdachshund says:

    Holy Cow doesn’t it FEEL Great to read such a POSITIVE STORY about caring, Loving, dedicated, respectful, and Giving!!!! Instead of maiming, choking, stabbing, burning , dismembering, OUR LOVING AND DEDICATED, Animals for a change!!! It SURE IN THE HELL MADE MY WHOLE DAY!!! WE NEED MORE of OUR CITIZENS TAKING STAND IN OUR GREAT COUNTRY TO SAVE OUR PETS!!

  2. A rescue pet owner says:

    What a Christmas for both of you.God bless you may St Christopher’s blessing protect you and At Francis protect your dog.


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