Police officer injured saving dog from parked vehicle

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Screenshot (709)On Friday, a police officer who injured himself on broken glass while rescuing a dog from a parked vehicle in Sparta, Wisconsin, was laughed at by the people who opted to leave their dog inside of the virtual oven on wheels. According to Monday’s CBS 58 News, the owners, who had been shopping inside of a Wal-mart store, told the injured office, “that’s what you get,” in reference to his wounded hand.

The car’s owners, identified as Santana Martinez and Melissa Rincon, were not happy that the police officer had broken a car window to free the dog from the vehicle’s hot interior; outside temperature on the day of the incident was in the 90s, reported the LaCrosse Tribune.

The officer had waited to break out one of the vehicle’s windows – before opting to break a window, the officer had asked store personnel to ask for the owner of the car to return to the vehicle over the store’s public announcement system, but the request was ignored.

Martinez and Rincon were cited for animal cruelty for their decision, but they were not taken to jail.

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  1. Thank you Police officer for saving the dog the people who laughed at you were not animal lovers all they wanted to see a dog roasting in the car

  2. Those POS owners should be cited for cruelty and do time for that offence and for insulting behaviour towards a law enforcement officer.
    So sorry that the dog stayed with these ignorant cretins.

  3. That was really mean of them to laugh at him like that!!! He had just saved their dogs’ life because of their STUPIDITY and CRUELTY. That poor dog does NOT deserve owners like that!!! I hope the cop did not give the dog back to them!!! >:-( And I hope the cop pressed charges and arrested them for FELONY CRUELTY!! I hope they have to pay his medical bills too to remove the glass from his hands/arms that he got from the window he had to break to save their dog!!!

    • if you mistreat a dog.you should be charged like you do if the dog was a little kid wearing fur instead of skin.

  4. we should be able to save the 4 legged kids wearing fur that they are kids wearing fur and treat them like a kid.the cop did the rigth thing.

  5. Thank you Officer for rescuing this dog out of that HOT car!! I hope you did not let this evil woman have her dog back & she should be arrested for animal cruelty

  6. Santana Martinez and Melissa Rincon you deserve to be locked in a hot car and see for yourself what you were doing to your dog! I hope they take the dog away from these morons! To the officer that saved the dog’s life, thank you, you are a hero!

  7. Congratulations officer very heroic thing you did why that you piece of s*** were laughing at you is beyond me I will take them out put them in the car and lock it then sit there laughing at you then officer it would put the heat on NFL so we can turn the heat on but seriously after the complaint about you breaking the one window officer how to take a f****** Hammer smashed every f****** window windshield down and then have it we got air conditioning baby

  8. The officer is a hero. The owners are, I can’t use the language I would love to call these ignorant sob’s. Put them in a locked hot car and see how they enjoy it. I am glad WI has passed the law were anyone can break into a a vehicle that has an animal in distress.

    • i agree.if the cop had to save they human kid instead of they dog.they would end up in jail.but dogs are 4 legged kids wearing fur.so they owners should be treated for mistreating a little kid then.

  9. These two Morons need to be convicted of abuse and NOT allowed to Keep or own PETS!!!! This is the only way this country is going to stop the continual SHIT of leaving the POOR dog to BAKE IN A CAR!!!

  10. These idiots should be fined and convicted for animal abuse and disrespect to the officer. These people should not own any animals and the ones they have should be removed. They should never be able to own another animal of any kind in their life.


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