Police office comes to aid of trapped owl

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In Ogden, New York, a police officer now adds rescuing an owl to the many animals he has been able to save during his career. According to WHAM, Ogden Police Officer Travis Gray certainly gives a hoot about all life when he responded on Tuesday to a 911 call about an animal in dire need that had been caught in a fishing line along the Erie Canal.rescued-owl-2

When the officer reached the destination, the Great Horned Owl had been hanging from a tree, dangling over the water, by its wing. Rescuers agreed it appeared someone had cast a fishing line which caught in the tree, and the owl accidentally met up with the line and became trapped. Residents say the owl has lived in the area for years, but being reclusive and nocturnal has rarely been seen.

The entire rescue operation was caught on Officer’s Gray’s body camera, and as soon as the rescuers were able to cut the line loose, the angry bird relaxed, but could not fly away. He is now getting help from the Blackcreek Wildlife Station where he is currently undergoing rehabilitation.

“We are hopeful he will make a full recovery. He is currently receiving laser therapy treatment for his injured wing and is resting,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

During Officer Gray’s career, he has rescued a turtle, a pigeon, dogs, cats and deer. Known as an animal lover, who could ask for a better example for all our wonderful police officers who risk their lives keeping us safe? (and our wildlife friends too)

(Photo via Ogden Police Department)


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  1. I like reading stories like this one, about the kind of cops I knew when I was growing up and my son’s age. There seem to be so few of them left now. Officer Gray, you are a hero and a good man. I wish they could clone you, or at least use you as a blue plate for what kind of officer to hire in every police department.

  2. I’m happy to see they called in the experts to give him additional aid. He was too vulnerable to be left on the edge of the river. Good job everyone.


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