Police canine perishes in squad car

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According to Friday’s ABC 7 News, a working canine with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Hillsboro, Illinois, died from heat exhaustion inside of a patrol car. The three-year-old dog, named “Blitz,” died after the patrol vehicle malfunctioned and a back-up safety sensor apparently failed to activate.

Undersheriff Rick Robbins commented on the failures that are believed to be responsible for Blitz’s untimely demise, “We think there were two malfunctions – One was with the vehicle and the other with the alarm that we bought.”

Blitz was inside of the patrol vehicle, which was parked outside of the department, for several hours – his handler had left the car running, with the air-conditioning on. The SUV was supposed to roll down the windows and activate the sirens and lights if the air-conditioning failed…for some reason, the back-up safety features did not work on the day that Blitz died.

K9 Ace, the manufacturer of the heat alarm system, has been working with the department to see why the failure took place. Product owner,  John Johnston, is calling the incident “very rare,” and he wants to assure the public that the handler was not to blame for the freak, fatal accident which claimed the canine’s life. Johnston stated, “And most of all, I just want to say that the handler was not at fault. It breaks my heart to see people trying to blame him, but I can tell you he did nothing wrong.”

(photo of Blitz via screenshot ABC News)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    No the officer isn’t to blame but Blitz is still dead! Even with all the precautions in place, a K-9 has lost his life. I can see leaving a K-9 in a car for a short time but several hours? Why are they left in the car, why aren’t they allowed in the police station with their handler? Rest in peace K-9 Blitz, condolences for your handler, family and fellow officers, I know how much you will be missed.

  2. Jan McClay says:

    I’m outraged!! How many police dogs now?? These are K9 officers. There is amazing time spent in training…very costly! But these K9 Officers are so much more than the $$. They are best friends for officers loyal courageous protective safety nets highly intelligent animals! HOW HORRIFIC ARE THESE DEATHS!! How dare this officer and the rest who left their trusted partners in a vehicle for many hours as stated in article without checking on them?? Maybe a potty break stretch their legs water etc!! What about not fully trusting a device over your loyal friend and checking to make sure these knuckle heads who install for companies are licenced professionals and not just taking their word for it?? NO…THE MORE I THINK ABOUT THIS THE MORE I BLAME THE OFFICER! I would like answers to all my questions and concerns please!! MAYBE THESE OFFICERS NEED CONTINUING EDUCATION FOR THESE VERY REASONS LOKE ANY OTHER PROFESSIONAL!! I DO!!

    • Luisa Cama says:

      Agree with Jan’s comments. Also, tax payers’ money down the drain first of all a bung heat alarm system and secondly the death of a beautiful and innocent police K9. Blitz’s death shouldn’t be treated lightly. Instead of wasting money on that system it would be better to have a place in the station where the handler can keep his K9 whilst he attends to business. The patrol vehicle malfunctioned and the back up safety sensor failed to activate; really. What was taking the handler so long and why didn’t he check on Blitz every now and then. Humans failed Blitz. RIP Blitz, so sorry humans let you down.

  3. SOFIA WARRICK says:

    Are you freaking kidding me that police officer is not at fault!!!! why was the dog left for several hours in the car in the first place. Why didn’t the handler check on his partner. This makes NO sense to me. A beautiful 3 year old German Shepard lost his life from pure NEGLECT.

  4. Deb says:

    Why was the dog left in the car in the first place, I’m sure the dog could have went inside with its handler. The dog should have been checked every 30 mins when it’s hot weather, and yes it’s the handlers fault for leaving dog in car and not checking on him.

  5. virginia green says:

    he should have taking the dog out of the car then.he should not get away with it.the dog is a 4 legged kid wearing fur.so treat him like you do other people who hurt or kill kids.

  6. LeAnne says:

    My question is, “why did he leave the dog in the car, running with air, for several hours”, when they were at the Sheriff’s dept. I am not putting blame on the officer, just wondering why he didn’t bring Blitz inside.

  7. Lisa Burger Clesi says:

    Who the hell leaves a dog in a vehicle for hours without checking on them. Shit happens but that is the very reason you check on them. I feel it should be mandatory for a k9 officer to be checked on if left in a vehicle for any length of time. Not checking for hours is ridiculous! Rip baby you were failed by many!

  8. Marlies Renee says:

    Even if all these safety measures were in place and supposed to work, ok they failed but why leave any dog in a car for ” Several hours” in the first place, if it had been me i want my partner with me at all times, cars these days are controlled by computer chips and hey folks those chips malfunction, just like on a computer, or any thing else, that is also why our cars are more expensive to fix, it takes a machine to tell you you need a battery, when back in the day you could change any part on your car yourself, a lot cheaper. I would say to the officer would he have left his human partner in that car?

  9. Mary Ann McCullough says:

    Don’t understand why anyone is left in a vehicle. K-9 officers, children, anyone. Let’s get with the program people. If it’s hot for you to stay inside a car in 80+ temperatures, it’s hot for anyone else. Don’t forget your kids or pets. The K9 should have been with his partner, not waiting for him in the car. It’s not like he ran into the 7-11 for a bottle of water for him and was only gone for a minute. Doesn’t make sense. Bring them inside,


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