‘Pokemon Go’ game leads to rescue of seriously injured puppy

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In Lufkin, Texas, two local women were waiting for a pizza delivery last Friday when they decided to kill time by playing the latest obsessive rage “Pokemon Go” reports  KrbeNews.Pokemon rescue 4 go

Pokemon rescue 3

As Kaitlin Kouts and her friend Tiffany Revay walked towards Chamber’s Park searching for  a puffy pink “Jigglypuff” – one of the characters, instead they came upon an injured puppy; yes a real puppy!

Thought to be only about four months old, the Labrador retriever was bleeding from his mouth and had two broken legs. A garbage bag had been left beside him as if someone may have stuffed the defenseless pooch in there to suffocate him. Pokemon rescue 6Pokemon rescue 2

The women had no intentions of just abandoning the pup and called their pizza delivery person who volunteered to help. Recently trained as a paramedic, the pooch was stabilized and transported to Animal Control.Pokemon rescue

Because of the women and Kaitlin’s Facebook page, the four-month-old  puppy, now dubbed Pokey, was rescued  from being euthanized on Monday at Animal Control and transferred to Lone Star Vet Hospital. He will be under the care of Wendy’s Misfits.

Pokey requires surgery to repair his leg. A GoFundMe account has been established to help with the pup’s medical expenses.

(Photos by Kaitlin Kouts and Lone Star Vets)




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    • TD Harp says:

      Thank you Connie Tipton Case. I am an admin with Wendy’s Misfits. Just wanted to you and everyone know that Pokey is doing wonderful. He is at the awaiting his surgery on his back left leg. He is being spoiled by everyone at the vet and very well taken care. We visit with him daily and honestly you would never know that he was dumped or even injured. He has a awesome personality and will make that special person a wonderful addition to their family. Thank you again

      • Lynn Cristina says:

        Wonderful, thank you for the update, so grateful that there are people like you in the world to help these animals in need. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  1. TD Harp says:

    Wanted to update everyone on Klaus aka Pokey. He had his surgery Tthis past Tuesday which went excellent. Initially we where told that his left leg would need surgery then this!past Monday we received an update that unfortunately both back legs would need surgery to assure that he would be able to have use of both legs. Everything went good with the surgery. For the first time since we picked this fellow up from the shelter he stood on all 4’s which made me cry. Thanks to everyone who shared and donated to make this possible. He has also been adopted by a wonderful person who is able to provide him with all the care he will need to have full life. His name was changed from Pokey to Klaus. I wish I was able to share pictures.
    For anyone that would like an update or view pictures of this baby please follow
    Wendy’s Misfits Lufkin, TX
    Thank you again for making this happen.


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