Plight of the unknown – a dog in need of rescue

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She is being called “Babette,” but her real name, if she was ever given one, is unknown. What happened to make Babette malnourished is also an unknown…as is her history.

What is known is that this dog is in need of someone who will care for her and love her unconditionally. Babette is being held at the Dekalb County Animal Services facility in Decatur, Georgia, and though she is receiving care, she would do better if she could join a rescue agency.

On August 15, the Facebook page Urgent Animals at Dekalb County Animal Services, wrote, “Babette is a super sweet girl who came to us severely underweight and down on her luck. She is under the watchful eye of our vet staff, but she would much rather be out of the shelter environment.”

Please help this neglected dog find her way to a reputable rescue organization by sharing her information. Babette weighs 37 pounds and she is heartworm negative. Questions or offers to help should be emailed to:

Facebook thread here.

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  1. This IS JUST HEART RENDERING !!! How can the A**holes who treat a cherished and innocent animal like this SHOULD be SHOT!@ point blank range! They will never change!!!!


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