Paralyzed dog sat in the pound for months

Paralyzed dog sat in the pound for months

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For months, a paralyzed dog named “Cascade” sat in the pound, waiting to be saved. Humane euthanasia was contemplated for the dog, who was completely immobile in her back end. The non-profit rescue group, Friends To The Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, described the extent of Cascade’s limitation:

She was unable to urinate on her own, and has no control of her bowels. What kind of life could she have? Why would they keep this poor dog alive?

Cascade had arrived to the Fulton County Animal Services facility in September – because of her physical problems, the odds of her finding a rescue agency or adopter were unlikely. Despite the apparent impossibility of Cascade finding somewhere to go, staff at the animal services facility continued to reach out to special needs rescue groups, hoping against hope that she would have a safe place to go…she was a favorite among the employees, who went above and beyond to try and find her the help that she needed.

Paralyzed dog rescued

Everything changed, in the best possible way, when Friends To The Forlorn sent a video to a friend – the rescue group explained:

On a hunch, we sent a video of Cascade to one of our friends who helped us rescue, and ended up adopting, a paralyzed dog a few years back. Almost instantly we got a reply – Cascade had a foster home! On November 21st Cascade got her Freedom Ride!

Since the time of Cascade’s rescue, she has undergone surgery to have a leg amputated and she has been fitted to a special wheelchair to help get around with greater ease.

Cascade has an incredible zest for life – thanks to caring rescuers, she now has the opportunity to enjoy her life, and receive the care that she needs. If you are interested in donating towards Cascade’s veterinary expenses, please click here to learn more.



Freedom ride cascade ..She came into the pound in September as a stray . She was completely paralyzed in her back end .she cannot express her bladder on her own .on paper this dog looks like she would have no quality of life. Humane euthanasia was being considered. Who would want to manually express a dogs bladder 4 to 5 times a day? Cascade cannot even pee on her own. Her quality of life can't be good .. that's on paper..When you meet her, it's a different story .. she loves life, she loves people , she loves dogs, she loves cats. I met her yesterday while rescuing Cassie/Regina.. cascade showed me that she really wanted to live .. i had to try.. nobody else was going to take cascade.. I took a short video and sent it to my friend and foster Sunshine Coats Sunny couldn't say yes fast enough.. within seconds I got the yes from her.. sunshine and I rescued a paralyzed dog a few years back, and sunshine ended up adopting her.. welcome to the family Cascade .. we got ya lil girl A special dog .. a special foster.. we are the forlorn.

Posted by Jason Flatt on Monday, November 21, 2016


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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Fulton County Animal Services has a heart, Bless them for going above and beyond for precious Cascade and giving her a chance.

  2. Bob says:

    Happy ending but many would have said to the animal shelter to not allow her to live. Being there paralyzed sounds horrible, sounds cruel – but see, it WASN’t!


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