Owner leaves 4-pound dog outside in frigid weather

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In Omaha, Nebraska, a woman left her two Chihuahuas outside in the frigid weather with no protection from the elements. The Nebraska Humane Society is now investigating the death of a 4-pound dog.

According to the Omaha World Herald, on Tuesday evening, Animal Control officers arrived at a home located on the 5000 block of South 18th Street to find two tiny dogs left tethered in the backyard. One of the dogs had died from hypothermia, and the other dog had become tangled within a fenced area and was unable to move. No shelter was available for either of the dogs.

The dogs’ owner, Maria Roubideaux, 24, faces two charges of animal cruelty. The surviving dog has been seized and is in the custody of the Nebraska Humane Society.  He is reported to be doing fine. Authorities are urging owners to be aware of the dangers leaving their pets outdoors. If there are no other options than leaving pets outside in the freezing weather, make sure to have insulated dog houses with flaps at the opening to block the wind, snow and freezing rain. Line the dog houses with straw or hay and make sure to keep water bowls from freezing.

Rest in peace little pup. How could any owner not realize a 4-pound dog doesn’t belong outside in freezing Omaha weather?

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30 replies
  1. Liz B says:

    The only fitting punishment for this woman is to allow her to freeze to death. Perhaps it would be good to first let her struggle against a tether around which she is entangled. Sickening person.

  2. Rosemary says:

    It’s winter outside no matter what you don’t leave your beloved pets outside and this person should be given jail time.

  3. Terry says:

    She needs to be left outside naked chain all night she how she like it what an asshole. She needs to Never be able to have another animal.

  4. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I have three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds. When the weather gets this cold, I let them out for potty, but call them in just as soon as they are done. No time to sniff around when it’s cold enough for them to get frostbite in just minutes. How anyone could leave a tiny dog like this out is beyond me.

  5. Bunny Peters says:

    SMH…… RIP little angel. I am very sorry your human failed you.

    Clearly this person (using the term loosely) had no idea on how to care for tiny dogs……

    I hope that karma punishes this pos BIG time……

  6. Darla says:

    OMG. Those poor dogs. RIP sweet pup.

    I live in Iowa and it’s been darn cold. My 75 pound Labrador Retriever, who has a double coat, was at the back door and barking to come inside after literally 2 minutes outside to go potty. My other Lab took a minute or two longer and then she was ready to come inside.

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is disgusting, either this person doesn’t care what happens to her dogs or she is just plain “STUPID”. I would venture a guess that is the “I don’t care”. I don’t believe ANYBODY is THAT stupid! I hope they don’t let her have the other dog back and she needs some jail time to think about what she did! She killed her little dog! It makes me sick to think of how much the poor little dog suffered!

  8. rieann says:

    she knew what would happen and DIDN’T GIVE A SHIT now slap her hand and send her home like always she needs jail time a big big fat fine and to get her skanky ass kicked

  9. Cristen McConville says:

    People just don’t care ~ Which begs the question ~ why have an animal???? it’s not like the dogs would have taken up a lot of room in the house… they are extremely easy to care for!!!! What a low life scum!!!!

  10. Deborah J. says:

    I want the whole world to make sure that stupid fool who left two small dogs out in the frigid cold arrested and thrown in jail for a very long time. I don’t want the stupid fool out in society NO more. Make it happen. Put the fool in jail!

  11. Edward says:

    You dumb c*** the Chihuahua is a southern animal you live in Nebraska it’s a no-brainer a****** Karma as my personal friend and she’s a b**** and she’s coming after your dumbass

  12. Kiddos says:

    This is all he things I have always said…… when a human does anything to an animal to cause it pain and torture, the human has to be given the same treatment. This will allow the human to feel the exact pain that this poor animal had to suffer and hopefully the human will never again harm an animal,

  13. Brenda Snyder says:

    i live just 60 miles from where this happened and i just put a potty pad out for my dogs all 5 of them refuse to let them out on days like this its only 14 degrees out side right now as i type this to cold for me then its to cold for my dogs i have 3 chihuahuas and 1 mixed chihuahua and another small dog i love dogs all dogs

  14. Jennie Brennan says:

    They need to start putting their names and address out there, maybe if these POS people who abuse their animals knew that their picture and name and address were made public they would think twice about their actions If not then there neighbors and friends can help them see the light.

  15. Susie vanover says:

    We have all chihuahuas n all r paper trained n never been on ground.this bitch will b paid back,n burn in hell.How do monsters get dogs n stuff happens.I would love 5min.with bitch.


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