Owner beat and kicked 4-month-old puppy to death for getting into trash

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A  45-year-old Cheboygan, Michigan man was arrested on Wednesday night and charged with animal cruelty. According to police, Thomas Distasio beat and kicked 4-month-old puppy, Maggie before throwing the defenseless puppy across the room against a freezer, reports UpNorthAlive.

According to an eyewitness, who called the Cheboygan Department of Public Safety on Sunday, Distasio was angry at the Beagle puppy because she had been getting into the trash. Authorities also report a three-year-old child was in the home at the time who witnessed the violent attack on the puppy.

“That’s some pretty severe anger issues to do this to a defenseless animal; especially hurting a small defensive animal that’s only a few months old is extremely severe,” state Kurt Jones, Cheyboygan Director of Public Safety.”

Authorities rushed the tiny dog to an emergency veterinarian clinic where Maggie struggled to breathe. Because of her egregious injuries and severe trauma, Maggie died soon after from respiratory failure.

Distasio is reported to have a long criminal history and is being treated as a habitual offender. His bond has been set at $100,000. If found guilty, he faces a maximum prison sentence of four years.

(Photo kicked 4-month-old puppy via Channel9News)

Rest in peace Maggie. Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.


11 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    If found guilty he MIGHT serve a whole 4 years. Now that’s what I call justice for a poor little 4 month old Beagle! (sarcasm). Thank God the child didn’t tick this POS off! Rest in peace Maggie, life sure dealt you a lousy hand!

  2. brigitte st jean says:

    He’s got to be the most fucking sissyest bastard man in this world. Karma to you POS. Someone will get you in the corner and break every bone in your body.,

    • Marissa says:

      Weight the asshole down with concrete blocks, beat the tar out of him and then toss him into a very large lake. Like lake Michigan and let the fish eat him. Now that would be justice for this piece of trash ! Rest in peace precious little Maggie…

  3. C says:

    Why does he get to live?????? He killed violently ,he has a long criminal record and he did this in front of a three year old. Why does he get to sit in prison maybe for 4 years he should be killed……… I pray the inmates get you good…

  4. Wemdy says:

    Um make sure that child is on a safe home ASAP. Poor pup, I’m sure he was starving. There are a million reasons this shows this man is a violent criminal.

  5. Sue says:

    This piece of crap is nothing but a monster. He needs to rot in hell after being kicked and beaten to death. 4 years? Really? That’s it? He should get 400 and until this country does something about animal abuse POS will keep doing it. I hope someone does to you what you did to an innocent puppy in jail. RIP Maggie

  6. edward says:

    A****** but I think I speaking for my for your f****** head and live as a blood is losing out of your f****** little brain I think it take that little puppy and hurt her or him I want to take a bath smash your f****** brains too there’s nothing left you a little like


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