Owner asks shelter to euthanize dog because of his bad teeth

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Just a few years ago, an adorable little terrier named Oso was adopted from the San Jose Animal Shelter in California. Less than a week ago, Oso was returned – this time was not to be such a happy event. The little guy’s owner requested the dog be euthanized because the little pooch had bad teeth and his breath had an offensive odor.

Tragically, the shelter staff were unable to even examine Oso because his mouth hurt so much.  According to the Facebook page of Tails of A Shelter Vet, however dedicated veterinarians were not giving up on Oso. Under general anesthesia, they learned why Oso had been acting so aggressively. The poor little guy had severe dental disease; so bad in fact that his teeth had been “rotting out of his face.”

Oso had been in excruciating pain, and the team extracted 21 teeth – no that is not a typo – only one tooth in the dog’s mouth could be saved! And then Oso’s life completely changed the next morning; as he awakened from a good rest, the staff was able to touch his face as well as touch his mouth. For once – probably not in a very long time the poor little guy could remember, he was finally able to eat and not be in any pain.Oso the tiny dog 3

Oso’s owner asked for his dog to be returned. The staff at Animal Control, however were not confident that Oso’s previous owner would care for him properly, and so the little guy, now with the “sweet breath” and a happy disposition, has been adopted by a family who will provide him with excellent care and lots of love.

Please be reminded that dogs, just like people, need dental care. According to WebMD more than 80% of dogs over three years old have periodontal disease.  Gum disease is usually the biggest dental problem a dog faces, but it’s not the only problem. Some dogs, most notably larger breeds, are also prone to broken or fractured teeth. All of this can add up to a mouth in great pain. Make sure to check with your veterinarian for your dog’s dental health. 

Check out Oso’s video.

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(Photos: Tales of A Shelter Vet Facebook)

15 replies
  1. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Someone hold the idiot owner down and give me a pair of pliers. I’ll pull each and every one of their teeth – slowly and with as much pain as I can inflict. I know keeping a dog’s teeth clean and healthy isn’t always an easy task, but it’s definitely more than worth the time and effort. Poor dog. I’m glad they got a happy ending from this.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Thank goodness they didn’t give Oso back to those morons. They didn’t take proper care of him, and then when someone else has spent all the money to fix his problem, want him back. When the next problem crops up you could be sure they would be back asking to have him euthanized again!

  3. Will says:

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  4. Linda Harrill says:

    The really sad thing about this is the high cost of dental care prevents many people from being able to provide it for their pets. They’re struggling enough to cover the dental cost of the humans in their family. Not to mention skyrocking health insurance cost. While the cost of living has risen dramatically in the last 8 years salaries and hourly wages have not. Like everything else vet cost has risen. Just a visit for shots yearly is sometimes a struggle

  5. Listy Rayne says:

    I spent a lot of money to have my cat’s teeth cleaned when the vet said it was really needed. My cat is my best friend, so of course I did what was best for him! I wasn’t wanting to spend that kind of money, but that is what you take on when you get a pet. You become the one responsible for their health and well being. He’s 13 years old, and I intend to have him around for a long time yet. You spend money to keep yourself healthy, right? You spend money to keep your family healthy, right? Your pet is a member of your family and dependent on you. If you don’t intend on giving them the care they deserve or intend to spend money on keeping them healthy, then don’t get a pet. It’s all part of it. I had a cat years ago that was constantly going to the vet. I had rescued him from two dogs as a small kitten. He was covered in fleas and malnourished. He couldn’t even walk when I rescued him. The vet told me how to care for him, and he became the friendliest cat you could ever hope for. He tended to get sick more than any cat I have had, and it’s probably because of his rough start in life, but for 8 years my mom and I spent the money on him, because we loved him. His health did get the best of him in the end, but not from our lack of attention or vet care. You have to be sure you are in it for the long haul, but they are worth it.


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