Outrage continues for cheerleader coach who kicked her dog during practice

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A viral video clip showing the cheerleader coach of Cheer Savannah, a 17-year-old local cheer gym in Georgia, continues to spark online rage with allegations of animal abuse. According to SavannahNow,  the Facebook video surfaced in August showing Stephanie Britt, the owner and coach of Cheer Savannah, kicking her dog, Charlie.

The 16-second clip incident occurred at Benedictine Military School  when Britt was the school’s cheer coach. The owner’s dachshund Charlie had been nipping at shoe strings and being generally doggy disruptive during a scheduled practice time, when Britt intentionally kicked the dog. Britt claims the dog was biting her bare feet. At first the video was just shared among cheerleader mothers who had previously had run-ins with the owner, but when the video was posted on Facebook, animal advocates from across the nation were quick to voice their opinions and criticism of the abusive behavior. Since that time, Britt issued an apology through a statement to FoxNews.

“I’m an animal lover and I deeply regret what happened, but this video snippet is in no way indicative of my affectionate relationship with Charlie,” she said.

Since the video was posted and viewed thousands of times, Benedictine Military School has suspended Britt from their cheering program. Chatham County Animal Control has confirmed that they’ve received numerous calls about this video. Animal Control says the District Attorney’s Office has launched an investigation into what happened to Britt’s dog, Charlie. No decisions have been made as to whether misdemeanor animal cruelty charges will be pressed against Britt. Charlie, however, who was examined by a veterinarian didn’t have any injuries.

The video highlights the topic of animal cruelty. Chatham County animal experts state there are healthy ways to control a dog’s behavior and not lose one’s temper. It wouldn’t take much force to physically harm such a small dog. Love  and respect your dog by teaching them basic commands and good manners; just saying you love your dog isn’t enough.  If you suspect animal cruelty, you can file a report by calling Chatham County Animal Control at 912-652-6575.

(Photo and video of cheerleader coach via Facebook screenshot from Out of the Box Rescue.)

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  1. You vile, evil, nasty piece of excrement!!!! I would LOVE to see you kicked from head to toe until you were pulverized. You CLAIM you love your dog? As crazy as mine drives me sometimes, I could never, ever do such a thing to him. NO one who loves their dog could. You belong in a cage, monster.

  2. Cette personne est complètement dégénèréé, qu’on lui retire ce pauvre loulou et qu’on lui interdit de posséder aucun animal à vie. Quelle barbare.

  3. PLEASE remove that dog from its abusive owner. That kick was not the first time, and it won’t be the last. Despicable, uncalled-for abuse!

  4. I take it, what she regrets from this clip is the fact she was shown to be the true POS she truly is!. I doubt it was the first time the dog had been kicked and if “Charlie” is still with her it hasn’t been the last time. The dog needs to be taken away from her, and she needs to be charged!

    • Besides, it being a dachshund, “Charlie” ‘s back could be hurt easily………….I know because I had one all her life and her back was very delicate- take that baby and give it to someone who will “care”

  5. “AFFECTIONATE RELATIONSHIP” !!! You should NOT be allowed to have an animal and you certainly should NOT be allowed to work around kids !! Great example there coach !!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO DROP KICK YOU !!!!

  6. Needless to SAY I have had numerous Dachshunds in the last 48 years!!! Both family pets and rescues!!! Their little backs are so very delicate ! a jump on or off the couch can cause serious injury and even paralysis!!! This owner doesn’t have much Love, Care, Thoughtfulness , and Concern for Charlie, who I am sure loves her unconditionally !!! He needs to be removed to save Him from injury or actually save his Little Life !!!

  7. She should not own a dog nor having any children. Charlie should be removed from her custody. Who knows what will happen in private. The poor little dog.

  8. I agree with everyone of you , and what gets me at that moment everyone else in that gym does nothing are you kidding me. I would have been on her like flies on shit on the first kick don’t care who the fuck you are. And to question whether there should be misdemeanor animal cruelty charges or not, question what !? Stupid idiots

  9. GOD KNOWS what she does behind closed doors…the dog was sitting there went she bounced him across the area!!! F her..they haven’t made a decision if they will charge animals cruelty???? Really are they waiting for the dog to have a bashed in face or broken bones???? this feces did this in front of a lot of people and NOT ONE sub human stepped up – this is cruelty and god knows what she does in private!!!! this is cruelty and there trying to make a decision if its cruelty – OMG!!!! SHAME ON HER and the authorities!!!! and to the POS who watched this and did nothing…hells waiting!!!!!

  10. you pissed off the wrong people britt, doxi lovers, cheerleader moms and animal rights advocates. your dead. Keep ya sorrys. Tell it to the lady on the unemployment line. they are conspiring as we speak on a way to oust you for the embarassment.
    Cheers Britt, Dont let the door Punt you in the ass on the way out.

  11. I’d enjoy ‘punting’ this bitch clear across Chatham County – she has proven what a miserable hunk of sewer sludge she is – to treat such a small animal so cruelly shows her incapable of taking care of any animal.


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