Organization helps owner say good-bye to elderly dog

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An elderly dog, who belonged to a woman of limited means, was recently provided with humane euthanasia at the end of his life thanks to the assistance of an organization in the Los Angeles, California, area. On July 13, Home Dog LA recounted the touching, albeit heartbreaking, situation to followers of its Facebook page.

The agency described the situation, “Imagine that you are low income, have no transportation, speak only Spanish and you love your dog deeply. That dog is now very old, 17, and you want to help him gracefully pass from this world. What would you do?”

Thanks to Home Dog LA, whose mission is to prevent economically stressed families of North Central Los Angeles from having to surrender their pets to shelters, the senior dog was provided with a peaceful end to his life. The agency wrote:

We were able to help this family and dog. Our counselor, Sandra, drove them to the vet for humane euthanasia and shared this story: “Jesusita found this dog in Echo Park. He just showed up at her house so she named him Solovino. At 17 he had advanced arthritis and various ailments that come with aging. He stopped being able to get up so she know the time had come. She lives in Echo Park in one of those steep walk ups. With the help of her neighbor we carried him to the car. Bought him one last burger…(still loved to eat). It was very emotional.

Many elderly dogs, who belong to people without the means to provide them with euthanasia at a veterinary hospital, wind up alone at animal control agencies until they are put down without the comforting hand of the person who loved them.13710031_652422768250011_5518978923398055321_n

You can support Home Dog LA in their quest to help dogs like Solovino – click here to read more.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    There should be more organizations like this available for people who do not have the money to help their dogs. An organization well worth supporting I would say! Every loved dog deserves to die in the loving arms of the ones who love them.


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